Thursday December 11, 2014

Advanced Style film celebrates vivacious, in vogue seniors

Listen 19:24

Photographer Ari Seth Cohen and one of his favourite models, Joyce Carpati, join guest host Wab Kinew to discuss the street style of fashion-savvy seniors and why one need not look young to look great. 

For years, Cohen has been taking pictures of older folks who literally stop him in his tracks -- and as the appetite for diverse images of aging grows, so too does his project. Advanced Style has gone from blog to book to feature-length documentary

"We wanted to show a different picture of aging -- a really positive, joyful image of getting older," says Cohen, adding that society doesn't pay enough attention to those aging creatively. 

Browse some photos from Cohen's blog below -- and if you're left longing for more, visit the blog that started it all. 


Advanced Style 1

Advanced Style 2

Plus, watch the trailer for the film -- which features plenty of great life advice -- in the window below.