Thursday April 21, 2016

q playlist: Russell Peters is an '80s loving hip-hop junkie

Russell Peters' q Playlist 25:03

As part of our ongoing q playlist series, comedian and actor Russell Peters shares the music that inspired him to try to be a b-boy, but ultimately become a DJ, pre-comedy career.

When Peters discovered the world of hip-hop he was "a little rocker kid" and describes the struggle of liking both genres as being "in the closet" when it came to his love for rock music.

"Back in the eighties, you were only allowed to be one thing. This generation's so lucky — they're allowed to like Britney Spears and they're allowed to like Mobb Deep at the same time," he tells Shadwick (which Shad is short for, according to Peters).   

For Peters, hip-hop went beyond the music and became a lifestyle. In fact, he often has hip-hop legends as house guests, including playlist artist Big Daddy Kane.

"[Hip-hop] gave me an identity, it gave me an attitude, gave me a way to walk, it gave me a way to dress. It shaped me at a very malleable time in my life."

Russell Peters

Among Russell Peters' faves? Iron Maiden, Steely Dan and Big Daddy Kane. (CPI Pictures and Management Ltd.)

Here's Peters' tracklist:

  • Big Daddy Kane, Warm It Up, Kane

  • Steely Dan, Do It Again

  • Biggie Smalls, Unbelievable

  • Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy Name

WEB EXTRA | Russell Peters will be performing at Massey Hall in Toronto on April 26 and 27. Those shows will be filmed for his upcoming Netflix special. You can also catch Peters in Disney's remake of The Jungle Book.