Friday November 27, 2015

Why Tom Jones stopped chasing chart-toppers

Tom Jones goes "Over the Top" in studio q 17:53

Listen 22:58

An unmistakable voice. A belting baritone that can blow the doors off a concert hall. And in the 1960s and '70s, the macho look that went with it — tight pants and a wide open shirt.

Sir Tom Jones went from Welsh son of a miner to international megastar with his hit song It's Not Unusual — but by midlife, he felt he was becoming more entertainer than singer. (And, perhaps, being thrown too many pairs of women's underwear.) 

Today, guest host Gill Deacon talks to the legendary singer about his memoir, Over the Top and Back, and why he felt the need to do some soul-searching after years of chasing hits. 

Tom Jones

He had to fight for it, but Tom Jones knew that 'It's Not Unusual' was The One. (Ben Shannon)

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Tom Jones has had a 50 year career, two '70s TV variety shows, and many duet partners. It all adds up to YouTube gold. We've collected some favourites for you, and present them in the form of questions. Enjoy!

1) Can Tom Jones dance? (don't miss 1:29)

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4) Where can we order these clothes, Tom Jones?

5) Who is the only person hotter than Tom Jones?

6) What does Tom Jones wear to sea?