Monday August 29, 2016

Madonna's ex-backup dancers dare to speak their truth

Madonna's ex-backup dancers dare to speak their truth 28:15

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The cone bra, the simulated masturbation, the shirtless young dancers. 

Madonna's famously boundary-smashing Blonde Ambition World Tour shocked the world in 1990. The next year an intimate film, Madonna: Truth or Darepromised to take audiences behind the scenes. 

Now, twenty-five years later, a new documentary shows there was far more going on backstage — from painful secrets to broken promises. Strike a Pose takes a closer and more nuanced look at Madonna's young male back-up dancers, and what became of them when the wild ride was over. 

In a warm and candid discussion, Oliver Crumes, Jose Gutierez and Kevin Stea join guest host Gill Deacon to discuss fame, friendship and everyone's need to face their own truth. 

*This segment originally aired on May 2, 2016

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Strike a Pose below, and compare it to the original trailer for Madonna: Truth or Dare



Strike a Pose

25 years after Madonna: Truth or Dare, a new documentary called Strike a Pose takes a closer and more nuanced look at Madonna's male back-up dancers. (CTM Docs)