Friday June 03, 2016

MAJOR! celebrates trans 'mama' Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

Trans elder Miss Major Griffin-Gracy in studio q 16:00

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Before Laverne Cox or Janet Mock, there was Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. Known to many simply as "mama", Miss Major is a trans elder and activist who blazed the trail for other high-profile transgender women of colour. 

For nearly five decades — long before the magazine articles and TV shows — she's been winning allies and stretching resources in support of trans rights. 

Now MAJOR!, a new documentary about her life and extraordinary work, chronicles everything from her role in the Stonewall uprising, to her HIV outreach work in the 1990s, to her support for trans women in prison. 

In the lead up to the film's screening at the Inside Out film festival in Toronto, Miss Major and director Annalise Ophelian join Shad in studio q. 

MAJOR! Trailer from StormMiguel Florez on Vimeo.

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

American transgender rights activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is the subject of the documentary MAJOR! screening at the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival. (Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival/Canadian Press)