Friday February 13, 2015

Settle For Love: Flaws upfront dating site urges singles to be honest

Listen 11:56

Are you losing your hair? Living with your parents? Looking to adopt your fifth cat? You may be able to hide these "flaws" from potential romantic partners, but not for long -- and at least one dating site doesn't thinks you should. 

David Wheeler, one of the founders of Settle For Love, urges singles to list their "cons" right alongside their "pros" -- thereby painting a more complete picture for potential mates. 

Wheeler joins guest host Sean Rameswaram to make the case for more transparent dating. He argues that the idea of "the perfect person" is the real problem in this picture, and that dating sites should offer a space to be truly honest about who we are. 

(Who knows, maybe your future mate already owns the fifth cat you're looking for.)