Friday December 09, 2016

'No one expected us to stick around': Ewan and Shamus Currie go from Sheepdogs to BROS

BROS - Tell Me (Live) 3:55

Listen 22:09

Ewan Currie was playing around on a Wurlitzer piano in his mom's basement one day, trying to channel his obsession with soul music into something new. That idea is now the q theme song. 

That song, "Tell Me," by Ewan's new project with his brother Shamus, aptly named BROS, was one of the first tracks they created in this new incarnation outside of their main band, The Sheepdogs. 

While the Curries joke that this project was started to make their mom proud, the surprising amount of attention they've gotten from this band is motivating them to continue making more music. 

"No one expected us to stick around let alone spawn off a second project," Ewan says.

Shamus adds: "We'll probably start hammering out some new tunes — the world is our oyster!"