Friday August 05, 2016

Chloe Charles ignores expectations 'With Blindfolds On'

Chloe Charles - Take Me Naked (Live) 3:41

Listen 20:00

Her sound has been described as "orchestral soul-pop" — but no label is quite neat enough to describe the work of Chloe Charles. 

The Toronto singer, songwriter and guitarist swings through studio q to perform from her latest album, With Blindfolds On. The record beautifully blends several genres, including jazz, pop, folk and soul. 

Chloe Charles - Soon On a Snowflake (Live Acoustic)4:17

Charles also sits down with guest host Rachel Giese to discuss the boxes we try to put around artists, why she aims for more than "entertaining" her audience, and why she doesn't identify with an one category of music. 

"It's hard to just sound like Toronto ... when you travel, you pick up little pieces from all over the place," says the artist, who recently wrapped up a European tour. "I think that really adds to this genreless category I'm floating around in."

Chloe Charles

Do your ears a favour and hear Chloe Charles's beautiful blend of jazz, pop, folk and soul. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

Rachel Giese and Chloe Charles

Guest host Rachel Giese has a laugh with Chloe Charles post-show. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)