Friday, July 20, 2018: Gina Yashere, Barenaked Ladies and more

Today on q: filmmaker Kim O'Bomsawin and arts critic T'Cha Dunlevy, q music panel with Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe and Lisa Christiansen, comedian Gina Yashere, film critic and author Amy Nicholson, Barenaked Ladies share a wild road story.

The Simpsons star Nancy Cartwright goes In Search of Fellini in her latest film

Nancy Cartwright, best known as the voice of Bart Simpson, talks about writing her semi-autobiographical film In Search of Fellini.

Have we hit peak Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, but a weak opening weekend has led some to wonder: are audiences getting tired of The Rock? Amy Nicholson joins us to break down this hard-hitting topic.

Robert Lepage meets with Indigenous artists to quell Kanata controversy

Montreal filmmaker Kim O'Bomsawin joins q guest host Talia Schlanger to recap last night's meeting with Robert Lepage. Montreal Gazette arts critic, T'Cha Dunlevy, sheds some light on the controversy.

Comedian Gina Yashere on finding her place on the American comedy scene

Gina Yashere gambled on her hard-won success in the U.K. for a shot in the U.S. She tells Talia Schlanger why she's at her best when she's out of her comfort zone.

Polaris Music Prize 2018: Who made the shortlist and who might win

Our music panel examines the 2018 Polaris Music Prize shortlist.

How Jeff Daniels beat his inner critic to make music

Jeff Daniels looks back on when and where his love of music began, back before his acting career even got off the ground.

Thursday, July 19, 2018: Jeff Daniels, Lena Waithe and more

Today on q: actor and musician Jeff Daniels, Newfoundland indie-folk duo Fortunate Ones, CBC reporter Katie Nicholson on Radiohead's return to Toronto, actor and producer Lena Waithe.

Fortunate Ones on their musical partnership, and writing songs that offer hope in dark times

Newfoundland indie-folk duo Catherine Allan and Andrew James O'Brien, also known as Fortunate Ones, talk about their musical chemistry and perform a few songs live.

'It's an incredibly loaded show': Radiohead returns to Toronto for the first time since stage collapse

Six years ago, Radiohead's drum technician Scott Johnson died when their stage collapsed before a show at Downsview Park in Toronto. Today, Radiohead will perform in Toronto for the first time since then.

Lena Waithe hopes to bring greater representation to Chicago's black communities on TV

Waithe hopes her new Showtime series The Chi will bring humanity and perspective to a city that usually makes headlines for gangs and gun violence.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018: Gus Van Sant, Zaki Ibrahim and more

Today on q: director Gus Van Sant, singer Desirée Dawson, filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, cosplay origin story with journalist Lauren Orsini, singer-songwriter Zaki Ibrahim.

How cosplay became a global phenomenon

Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play Comic-Con explores the rise of elaborate costumes that fans wear when they go to comic conventions.

How cosplay became a global phenomenon

Wrriter Lauren Orsini walks us through what it's like to take part in Comic-Con, one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the world.

Gus Van Sant on casting Joaquin Phoenix as a disabled person and carrying out Robin Williams' vision

Gus Van Sant is best known for Good Will Hunting and Milk, but he's also earned cult followings with films like My Own Private Idaho. His latest film is something in between.

Desirée Dawson performs her new single Just Fine live in studio q

Desirée Dawson was the winner of CBC Music's 2016 Searchlight competition. Now she's back with some brand new music.

In a new documentary, Elvis is a metaphor for the American Dream

Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki traces Elvis Presley's meteoric rise and tragic fall in his new documentary, The King.

Sacha Baron Cohen reveals the character who has been fooling prominent U.S. political figures

His new show, Who is America?, is said to feature feature Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Bernie Sanders and others

Tuesday, July 17, 2018: Megan Abbott, Tina Sinatra and more

Today on q: best-selling thriller author Megan Abbott, Canadian filmmaker Randall Okita, Canadian DJ Skratch Bastid, singer Tina Sinatra.

Skratch Bastid's musical ode to Bedford, Nova Scotia

Toronto DJ Scratch Bastid shares a playlist of songs that remind him of his hometown of Bedford, N.S.

Randall Okita's film The Lockpicker shows a different side of the teenage experience

The Lockpicker explores the complexity of adolescence by giving a chilling look at what happens when a teenager falls into a cycle of violence he can't escape from.

Megan Abbott's Give Me Your Hand is a thriller about female ambition and extreme PMS

Best-selling author Megan Abbott explores the dramatic potential of a heavy, painful secret in her chilling new novel, Give Me Your Hand.

Tina Sinatra on her father Frank Sinatra, and a new compilation of his songs

Frank Sinatra's daughter, Tina, talks about why she curated a new album of her father's music aimed at children and parents.

Is the new Sacha Baron Cohen series satire, or a cringeworthy prank show?

Our screen panel discusses the relevance of Sacha Baron Cohen's new show, Who Is America?, in 2018.

Metric announce new album, premiere video for Dark Saturday

The Canadian rock group will be releasing its 7th album in the fall.