Monday November 20, 2017

Bringing Charles Dickens' personal life onto the big screen

(Melody Lau/CBC)

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Long before the epic stories in Great Expectations, David Copperfield and A Tale of Two Cities captured the attention of the world, Charles Dickens was a well-known author in London, England, riding high on the success of Oliver Twist. But, after a series of critical and commercial flops, Dickens was knee-deep in debt and desperate for a hit. It was under these conditions that A Christmas Carol was born. 

Now, a new movie is digging into the real life of Charles Dickens during this time. It's called The Man Who Invented Christmas and it tells the story behind the yuletide classic, revealing all the drama of its creation. Susan Coyne wrote the screenplay for the film and she connected a lot with Dickens and his creative process. 

Coyne is a Canadian writer and actor who co-created the hit Canadian TV series Slings & Arrows. She also writes for the Amazon show, Mozart in the Jungle. Today, she'll join guest host Ali Hassan to discuss The Man Who Invented Christmas.

— Produced by Shannon Higgins