k.d. lang looks back on her defining album Ingénue

It's been 25 years since k.d. lang released Ingénue. Now she's revisiting her breakout work.
k.d. lang joins Tom Power to talk about her breakout album Ingénue (Steve Johnston/CBC)

It's been 25 years since k.d. lang's platinum record Ingénue hit stores, now she's hitting the road to do a commemorative tour.

Before releasing Ingénue, lang had already won a Grammy for her work with country legend Roy Orbison so people were surprised when lang's breakout record wasn't country. She says that the record gave her the chance to explore her true self: "People think I took a tangent and a departure for this record but really it was a return. I think country was the departure for me. ... Ingénue was a return to the kind of music that influenced me. It was kind of back to who I really was."

While lang remembers the success of the album with fondness, she also remembers the pain that surrounded the experience. "It was one of the highlights of my life. [...] In retrospect it was painful, but at the time I was living on cloud nine, but the coming down was a painful process — to process all the misconceptions one has of themselves," says lang. 

k.d. lang joins Tom Power live in studio to talk about her breakout album Ingénue and why she's revisiting the work now. 
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