As our new permanent host Shad prepares for his April 20 debut, CBC News arts reporter Jelena Adzic jumps in as a first time Q guest host from March 16 to 20. 

Listen to Jelena share why she's excited to sit in the big chair:

Jelena brings with her a wealth of national and international experience. Since joining the CBC in 2002, she has served as an arts reporter, host and critic, providing special live coverage from events like the Toronto International Film Festival, Live 8 and the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Adzic also provides a regular bi-weekly arts column for the CBC radio program, Here & Now.

Previously, Jelena served as the host of Vision TV's weekly, hour-long current affairs program, 360 Vision, which received The Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA) Galaxi award for Best Information Magazine Program. She also worked as the national reporter for TechTV and host of The Biography Channel Canada.

On the other side of the lens, Jelena served as the Senior Producer of Workforce, a career series for youth that aired on TVO, and expanded to reach an international audience. She also travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean Islands, as Assistant Producer on the show, Suite and Simple, a CTV travel series that also aired on the Fine Living Network in the U.S.

After earning her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, Adzic received training in documentary film production from Humber College. She then applied her studies abroad, working for a newspaper in Korea, and later on film sets in Finland.

From her exclusive interviews with leaders such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, to authors the likes of John Irving and Deepak Chopra, to celebrities including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie — Jelena anchors the human connection.

When Jelena isn't reporting on art, she's busy making it.