Friday May 12, 2017

Comedian Tanyalee Davis: 'I have the right to be able to say the word midget if I want to'

(Courtesy of Comedy on Wheels)

Listen 12:16

Tanyalee Davis isn't afraid to use the word "midget" in her comedy. After all, she is a comic with dwarfism. 

"I have the right to be able to say the word 'midget' if I want to," she states. While she makes it clear to people who attend her shows that it's not a word to casually throw around outside of her comedy setting, she admits to using it sometimes as a way of "taking over the word."

Davis wants to use her experiences to her advantage, because she knows that's what makes her stand out from the "same generic material by some white guy." And yes, she faces certain struggles that can be tough but she likes looking at the humour in things. She adds: "That is my reality and that's funny!"

Davis will be performing at Comedy on Wheels, a comedy variety show that's taking place at Vancouver's Performance Works from May 18 to 20. For more information, head over to their websiteComedy on Wheels is presented by award-winning company Realwheels Theatre.

— Produced by Cora Nijhawan