Friday June 09, 2017

Full Frontal correspondent Allana Harkin: 'Hiring women is not a risk, hiring women is when you get pure gold'

(Getty Images for TBS)

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When Tom Power spoke with Full Frontal With Samantha Bee producer and correspondent Allana Harkin yesterday, she had just come from a bar where everyone was watching James Comey testify. 

Harkin was there to observe and film other people watching the hearings. This is what she does. She shows up in very heated, passionate environments and lets the people around her naturally provide the comedy. During the U.S. presidential election, she was in the field a lot, reporting from conventions and rallies. 

Power spoke to Harkin about her job, her friendship with Bee and the one time she felt most afraid for her safety while on the job. Hint: it's not where you would've expected. 

— Produced by Dawna Dingwall