Director Michael O'Shea bites into vampire culture with Transfiguration

Tom Power talks to writer and director Michael O'Shea about vampire culture and teenage trauma in his film Transfiguration.
Michael O'Shea at the screening of the movie Transfiguration at the 42nd Deauville US Film Festival. (Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images)

Director Michael O'Shea's debut film, Transfiguration, screened at Cannes last year and is drawing buzz for its intriguing take on the horror genre.

The film is based on teenage lead character Milo's (Eric Ruffin) deep interest in vampires and his relationship with Sophie (Chloe Levine).

Transfiguration explores O'Shea's own interest in popular ideas on vampire culture, teenage love and trauma and posing the question of whether behaviour is nurtured by culture and our environment.

Tom Power talks to O'Shea about these themes and his long (and day job-filled) path to getting the film made. 

— Produced by Ty Callender