Friday April 14, 2017

Hollerado channelled fear and uncertainty in their new album Born Yesterday

(Cathy Irving/CBC)

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Hollerado had been working on their latest album for two years before Nixon Boyd, the band's vocalist and guitarist, wrote their title track "Born Yesterday."

"It almost didn't make the cut," says Menno Versteeg, lead vocals and guitar in Hollerado. After two years of writing, the band was so eager to start recording that they didn't even want to hear the song that Boyd had written. He eventually wore them down — and when the band heard the song for the first time they knew it had to be on the album.

Hollerado joined host Tom Power in the q studio to talk about the inspiration for their new album and perform a couple songs. Boyd opens up about the inspiration behind the song "Don't Shake" which he wrote after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

After receiving treatment and recovering from his diagnosis, Boyd says that playing the song that he wrote in a time of uncertainty now gives him hope, "I derive strength from playing that song with these guys." 

Hollerado's latest album titled Born Yesterday is available on April 14, 2017.

— Produced by Tyrone Callender.