You might miss Margaret Atwood's cameo in The Handmaid's Tale if you don't know what she looks like, but you'll hear it: her few seconds onscreen show her slapping Elisabeth Moss across the face.

Offred, The Handmaid's Tale's narrator from Atwood's 1985 novel who is played by Moss, is sitting in a circle with other handmaids-in-training during the cameo scene, in which she's too stunned to follow a command. Atwood, playing an aunt — a trainer and monitor of handmaids — comes up behind Offred, never in focus, and slaps her into compliance.

It's a bit jarring to see Offred's creator working for the Republic of Gilead, to say the least. Check out the screenshots below to see Atwood and Moss together in the scene. 

Handmaid's Tale
Handmaid's Tale slap

The Handmaid's Tale premieres in Canada on Sunday, April 30, on Bravo. Head to the next day for an interview with the show's music supervisor.

Watch the trailer for The Handmaid's Tale below: