When fans rush the stage of huge music superstars, they usually get intercepted before even reaching their target. That wasn't the case at a recent gig by Canadian chanteuse Céline Dion in Las Vegas, where a drunk fan managed to get to Dion's side.

But instead of having security drag the woman away, Dion allowed her to stay — even after the woman grabbed Dion and awkwardly rubbed up against her — and was a model of kindness and compassion.

"You know what? We've got babies that we love, and we're going to fight for them," she says during the incident, which goes on for a full two minutes. "And we're wearing gold, that's a sign."

At one point the security staff go to pull her offstage, but Dion shoos them away. "Get out, get out, get out," she says jokingly to the security guards as she takes the woman's arm. "I'm going to help you out. Come."

After the incident, which the woman will no doubt deeply regret, Dion thanks the crowd and thanks the security guards, saying sometimes people just need to be heard. 

"Thank you for your patience," she says calmly. "And now, are you ready to celebrate?"


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Jennifer Van Evra

Jennifer Van Evra is a staff writer for q.