Bryan Cranston doesn't mince words when it comes to revelations that people he knew have done horrible things. 

"I know Harvey Weinstein, I know Louis CK, I know Charlie Rose, I was acquaintance with Kevin Spacey, didn't know him well, and I'm just flabbergasted by their inhumanity, of how they behaved and how they treated others with such disrespect," he says. "It's predatory, and disgusting." 

Speaking with q's Tom Power, Cranston is also, above all, hopeful. 

"The structure is breaking down," he says. "Good, let it crumble, let it completely crumble." 

You can listen to his reaction in the clip below, and head over to today's full episode to hear Cranston talk about, among other things, how his role as Walter White on  Breaking Bad changed his life, how his early days doing ads for Coffee Mate and Preparation H made him more ready to deal with fame, a bizarre childhood run-in with Charles Manson and his next role in Richard  Linklater's  Last Flag Flying as a cynical Vietnam war veteran.