Q: Where can I find information on the music you play on your show?

A: Click here for a list of music we played on past shows.

Q: How do I hear past interviews?

A: Check our our Past Episodes or Podcast sections. You can scroll through our podcasts from the last year. We also post individual audio from feature interviews on the blog.

Q: Radio? qTV? Sirius? Podcasts? Where exactly can I listen to and watch q?

Check out this handy guide on how to watch/listen!

A: q is heard twice daily on CBC Radio One (10 AM and 10 PM), on more than 122 public radio stations across the United States (check local listings), three times daily on Sirius XM 169. 

q's weekly television show airs twice weekly on CBC TV (Sundays at 3 PM, Thursday nights at 1:00 AM) and is in U.S. syndication on top TV stations such as WABC New York, WBBM Chicago, KYW in Philadelphia and WFAA Dallas. 

q offers audio and video podcasts, as well as live and on-demand streaming via cbc.ca/q. q video content is also available on the qTV Youtube channel. 

q's weekly spin-off show, q the Music, airs Tuesdays at 7 PM on CBC Radio Two. 

Q: How can I pitch a story, idea, my band to q?

A: Use the Contact Us page on this site, or email q@cbc.ca