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About Us

Get ready to meet the artists you're talking about, and the ones you'll soon love. Whatever you're into — be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre, or comedy — q is there. Expect deep insight, and big surprises. Because on q, arts and entertainment get personal.

About Tom

"Do we have to do this? I really don't like talking about myself ... "
- Tom Power to his bio writer (2016)

Tom Power is an award-winning musician and broadcaster, rarely seen without an instrument or microphone nearby. He blends a warm curiosity and playful wit to cover the arts, music and entertainment stories you're talking about, and the ones that are too interesting not to share.

Tom started his career in his hometown of St. John's, N.L., studying folklore by day and "gigging" (read: performing music) in pubs at night. He recorded his earliest interviews during those years, travelling around the region with a microphone to collect oral histories from his fellow Newfoundlanders.

He made his radio debut programming bluegrass music for a college radio show, wryly named Do-Si-DON'T.

Tom quickly moved on to become a news announcer for a local radio station and, in 2008, joined CBC Radio as the host of the national folk music program Deep Roots.

Three years later, Tom shifted into the host chair of Radio 2 Morning, CBC Radio's biggest national music show. He also became a trusted guest host on q and As It Happens.

Canadians came to know Tom for his heartfelt, in-depth interviewing style (speaking to Atlanta rapper Killer Mike about the Ferguson grand jury verdict) and mischievous sense of humour (jokingly chiding actor Catherine O'Hara for her parenting skills in "Home Alone").

Off the air, Tom fronts the folk-rock band The Dardanelles -- known for drawing new audiences around the world to traditional Newfoundland music. He's also a member of the Polaris Music Prize jury, and has hosted and performed at major music festivals in Canada.

"Okay, I guess that's fine. Sorry you had to do this." 
- Tom Power to his bio writer, after reading the final draft. (2016)

About The Team

Executive Producer Jen Moroz likes to mix things up. A longtime reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, she made the leap back home to Canada - and into TV - as a producer and then writer for The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Jen headed to radio next, and worked her way up to executive producer of The Current on CBC Radio One. After a brief stint away to do a journalism fellowship at the University of Toronto's Massey College, she jumped back into the CBC mix with the relaunch of q.

Senior Producer Austin Webb began his broadcast career as an intern with CBC Montreal, covering Just For Laughs and the Montreal International Jazz Festival. He's produced entertaining, innovative and award-winning programs for MuchMoreMusic, CBC Toronto and CBC News Network.

Director/Producer Danielle Grogan loves the adrenaline of daily shows and has worked on a variety of them: Here and Now, The Candy Palmater Show, Metro Morning, Ontario Morning, Ontario Today, Fresh Air, and As It Happens. She has directed several radio specials and has produced live debates for Toronto's mayoral and provincial elections. When she's not working, Danielle is likely cycling, planning her next trip, or making up bed time stories.

AP Tech Having spent most of his formative years in Mexico and France, Alain Derbez brings an international flavour and varied experience to the team… He has worked in radio in Vancouver and Paris, and TV in Toronto, done location sound and post-production sound for independent movies, and mixed live sound and monitors for bands. He has recorded everything from a hang drum to an orchestra and his work doing the sound on q draws upon all of the skills he has picked up in his varied career.

Digital Producer Melody Lau has written for CBC Music, Much, Exclaim!, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.. Her best friends are Twitter and Instagram. It's complicated between her and Facebook.


Before he landed at q, Ty Callender's adventures in pop culture included a stint at MTV News, 6 years co-hosting and producing his own indie hip-hop and R&B show on Flow 93.5 FM, and 15+ years rockin' pretty much every club in Toronto as a DJ. (Sorry, he doesn't do weddings)

Elaine Chau is originally from Hong Kong, and grew up in Montreal and Vancouver. She came to the CBC through the Peter Gzowski internship, and has told stories on The Early Edition, The Current, and Tapestry. Elaine is most proud of an award-winning program she hosted and co-produced called Wui Gwai: Hong Kong Homecoming, about the legacy of Hong Kong immigrants in Vancouver (including her own dad!). She is a coffee nerd, a dedicated eater, and makes a killer hand pie and chocolate chip cookie.

Ben Edwards is known around q as "Ben from Cornwall." The one in the UK, not Ontario. He's been on q for a few years now. Before that, he worked on CBC Radio's As It Happens.

Before working on q, Diane Eros was a producer on As It Happens and Tapestry. She is also the co-creator of the summer show Live Through This. Long before that, Diane was a farm girl in Manitoba, where she shoveled the barnyard with her walkman tuned to CBC Radio.

Vanessa Greco has produced stories for a number of CBC Radio programs. Previously, her work has aired on The Current, Day 6, Tapestry, and local shows across Canada. Her writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and on CTV News Online. She's also the recipient of a 2016 CBC Doc Project Mentorship, and part of a trio that made the finals in KCRW's fourth annual 24-hour Radio Race.

Jean Kim made her way to CBC after realizing the best part of her day was listening to the radio on the way to work. She worked at Metro Morning, Day 6, Spark, White Coat Black Art and The Candy Palmater Show before joining q.

Cora Nijhawan joins the world of radio after spending the last several years producing on CBC TV shows like Steven and Chris, the Giller Prize, the Canadian Screen Awards and Canada Reads. When she's not sharing her passion for CanCon with the public, Cora likes to spend as much time outdoors and/or listening to 90s music as possible. She is excited and honoured to be working with the fun and talented team at q.

Once a travelling performer himself, Mitch Pollock is happy to find himself firmly planted here at q. As the show's music coordinator there is nary a catchy hook that has not been blasted through his desk headphones at unsafe levels. From the Mars Volta to Tom Cochrane to Taylor Swift, Mitch's love for music runs deep. A q veteran, Mitch's highlights on various iterations of the show include talking wrestling with Billy Corgan, and reporting from the women's Gold Medal curling victory at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Beza Seife loves telling stories with sound. Since she began with CBC in 2008, she's done everything from reporting on human smugglers in St. Stephen, New Brunswick to hosting a CBC summer series. Beza has spent most of her career at CBC producing interviews and documentaries for a number of network radio programs for CBC Radio, including Day 6, Intersections and How To Do It: The Guide to Everything Else. She has a weakness for home reno shows and pizza, preferably together.

Catherine Stockhausen comes to radio from a succession of producing gigs on various national TV shows. She most often works with celebrities though there have been some puppets in the mix too. Most recently she booked talent for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and is happily continuing the tradition at q. On the side she has played in bands, photographed bands and has gone to see a countless number of bands. She proudly represents the East Coast in the q office (along with that other guy, Tom).

Chris Trowbridge got his start in broadcasting as the Program Director of Halifax's community radio station CKDU, and went on to work in TV on MuchMusic's MuchNews, SEXTV, and The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Chris went on to be one of the creators of CBC Radio programs Day 6 and Out in The Open. Chris won two Gabriel Awards for his work on Day 6.

qTV Team:

Senior Producer Steve Johnston has spent the last 5 years distilling the sweet nectar of q into the visual concoction known affectionately as qtv. His career has spanned both sides of the country, including a stint as a movie critic in Victoria, BC. When he isn't transmogrifying radio into television, he continues to grow his movie collection, tinkers in his workshop, and seeks to improve his burger expertise on FourSquare.

Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Frank Guidoccio came to Toronto to conquer the Rock and Roll dream and along the way, he discovered his passion for film and television. With more than a decade of experience, he has edited, directed and produced more than 100 music videos for the likes of Serena Ryder and The Sheepdogs, dozens of television shows and several feature documentaries that have screened at Sundance, Full Frame, and SXSW. Away from qTV, Francesco can be found tending to one of his many smokers, creating world-class BBQ and fronting his beloved rock quartet, The Order of Good Cheer.

Andrew Alba cut his teeth as a video producer as a scrappy freelancer and member of the AUX family, and couldn't be happier to be a part of the q team. Andrew's looking forward to cultivating a crop of digital video content that features things other than kittens, and epic fails.

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Live streaming audio - q is available for streaming live weekdays starting at 9:06 AM ET. Listeners can select their time zone and listen to Radio One live at their convenience. 
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