Thursday, June 21, 2018: Ravi Coltrane, Sook-Yin Lee and more

Today on q: jazz legend John Coltrane's son Ravi Coltrane, Canadian singer-songwriter AHI, Canadian television writer and filmmaker Rebecca Addelman, Dr. ​Naila Keleta-Mae's gateway to Beyoncé’s Dangerously in Love, Canadian broadcaster and filmmaker Sook-Yin Lee.

'We're still compelled by the power of his conviction': Ravi Coltrane on finding his father's lost album

A lost album by John Coltrane has just been unearthed. His son, Ravi Coltrane, opens up about why it's such a meaningful discovery for him personally.

How a 'real-life encounter' with a ghost in Barcelona inspired Sook-Yin Lee's new film Octavio Is Dead

Octavio Is Dead is a story about family, love, identity and ghosts. For director Sook-Yin Lee, it's a story that comes from a personal place.

From Destiny's Child to cultural icon: a gateway to Beyoncé's Dangerously in Love

Professor Naila Keleta-Mae presents a q gateway to Beyoncé’s debut solo album Dangerously in Love. This year is the album's 15th anniversary.

AHI shares sneak preview of new album In Our Time live on q

Canadian singer-songwriter Ahkinoah Habah Izarh, who goes by the name AHI (pronounced "eye"), performs live in the q studio.

Paper Year director Rebecca Addelman shows what comes after happily ever after

Rebecca Addelman is the director of a new film called Paper Year, which follows a young, impulsive couple as they navigate a tricky first year of marriage.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018: Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina and Natalia Kaliada, Stephin Merritt and more

Today on q: Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina and Belarus Free Theatre's Natalia Kaliada, Canadian poet and novelist Lynn Crosbie, musician Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields.

Burning Doors: What happens when an anti-Putin Pussy Rioter teams up with a theatre company in exile?

A new stage show based on the experiences of artists who say they've been censored, imprisoned and tortured in Russia makes its Canadian debut at Luminato tonight.

'Truth makes things less entertaining': Stephin Merritt on why tell-all songs are overrated

Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields talks to Laurie Brown about writing and staging his sprawling 50 Song Memoir — one piece of music for each year he's been alive.

Lynn Crosbie reimagines A Clockwork Orange's Malcolm McDowell in new novel Chicken

For her latest novel, Crosbie reimagines English actor Malcolm McDowell as a washed-up actor in his 50s who falls in love with a mysterious 21-year-old woman.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018: Lucinda Williams, James Marsden and more

Today on q: singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams, designers Greg Durrell and Fritz Gottschalk, Westworld actor James Marsden.

Watch Robert Plant's reaction to 8-year-old girl playing Led Zeppelin on drums

The jaw-dropping video of the young girl went viral — then we showed it to the legendary Zep frontman.

Every major piece of art featured in Beyoncé and Jay Z's Apesh*t video

From the Mona Lisa to Raft of the Medusa, what every piece is — and why it's there

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road at 20: Lucinda Williams reflects on her breakthrough record

Lucinda Williams looks back at the breakthrough album that transformed her into an icon of Americana music, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which turns 20 this month.

Why Westworld's James Marsden says the future of AI scares him

The Westworld star talks about the success of the series and the questions it raises around technology, artificial intelligence and sexual violence on television.

How Canadian design helped build national unity

Logos are embedded into the fabric of our daily lives and have been for decades. A new documentary makes the case that there's more to these designs than just company branding.

Monday, June 18, 2018: Sarah McLachlan, Sloan and more

Today on q: Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, q screen panel with Tina Hassannia and Charles Officer, HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky, Toronto-based rock band Sloan.

'I have to make fun of it': Sarah McLachlan on the intense power of Angel, the unofficial song of sorrow

Sarah McLachlan reflects on the legacy of Lilith Fair, the power of Angel and how music saved her life ahead of the 2018 SOCAN Awards.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z release surprise album: Everything Is Love

Our q screen panel discuss Beyoncé and Jay-Z's new joint album, which has sent the internet into a frenzy.

How the overnight popularity of HQ Trivia changed Scott Rogowsky's life

Stand-up comedian Scott Rogowsky joins Tom Power to talk about his big break as the host of the hugely popular trivia quiz app, HQ Trivia.

Sloan bring some of their most memorable songs to q

Each member of the legendary Canadian rock band choose their favourite songs from band's entire discography.

Friday, June 15, 2018: Brad Bird, Michael Chabon and more

Today on q: Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird, q This with CBC's Jarrett Martineau and Lisa Christiansen, Polygon senior internet culture reporter Julia Alexander, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon, Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara.

Degrassi's Spinner on being Drake's right-hand man in the I'm Upset video

'There was so much love in the air,' Shane Kippel says of the on-set atmosphere.

Director Brad Bird on how 'a gumbo of spy movies, superhero things and action movies' inspired Incredibles 2

The Oscar-winning director and writer behind Disney-Pixar's Incredibles 2 talks about how his own childhood and parenting experiences inspired the film.

Is a Céline Dion and Kanye West collaboration in the near future?

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool to bring the two musicians together.