Fresh grown shrimp to be produced in northern Ontario

There’s a new farm just outside of Sudbury, Ont., that is putting a whole new spin on shopping local in the north.

How not to be a bystander to LGBTQ harassment

A preview of some tips on "queer bystander training" from a session at Saturday's shOUT conference on gender and sexuality awareness at UPEI.

On the Ledge: Minister grows mullet in memory of his son

This week On the Ledge speaks with Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit about why he is sporting a marvellous mullet.

The Liberals' challenges on the road to re-election

This week, The House is at the Liberal policy convention in Halifax. Chris Hall talks to participants, MPs, and the new party president about the challenges the Liberals are facing, and the new policies needed to win in 2019. We also ask Barack Obama’s former chief strategy David Axelrod if Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” pitch will be enough to secure a second win or if he’ll need a new approach and new policies now that the political honeymoon is over.

Ribbonsnake DNA detective work being used to track elusive creatures

A snake researcher is using DNA analysis to track down the one of Nova Scotia's most elusive and threatened snakes.

2nd Point in Time Count in Thunder Bay, Ont. hopes to help eliminate homelessness

Officials from the Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) are gearing up for the second Point In Time Homelessness Count on Saturday, April 21.

Eater-tainment: Andrew Coppolino explores board game dining

A growing trend in the food industry, "eater-tainment," is also growing in this region. CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at options for people who want to play games or enjoy a movie while dining out.

What do you get the couple that has everything?

Welcome to The Royal Fascinator, your invitation to royal wedding news and analysis ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials on May 19.

Health Authority speaks out against special rules for Broadway pot shop

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is speaking out against a proposed relaxing of rules that would allow a future pot shop on Broadway Avenue despite nearby schools.

City council a lonely place for Jeromy Farkas

Jeromy Farkas was elected to shake up city hall. So far, the pushback has left him shaken, but undeterred.

Moncton prof's dementia app could ease pressure on medical system

Sarah Pakzad knows of two women with dementia who’ve spent the last two years in hospital beds — waiting for a spot in a care home.

Elder visits his cabin after decades, says Jesus and Mary protected it from fire

Pierre Beaverho, an 89-year-old elder from Whati, N.W.T., got the birthday of his dreams this year.

The Sunday Edition — April 22, 2018

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Federal Liberals' national convention in Halifax LIVE

Energy independence policy among 30 resolutions up for debate at Halifax convention

From roof to table: How 'data nerds' are transforming Quebec's produce markets

Mohamed Hage and Lauren Rathmell are greenhouse pioneers and agri-biz stars. Their company, Lufa Farms, specializes in growing vegetables on Montreal rooftops. For them, hydroponics, economy and ecology go hand-in-hand.

What led to Nova Scotia's privacy breach

The privacy breach involving Nova Scotia's freedom-of-information portal has led to a police investigation, put the government on the defensive, and garnered international attention and criticism. Here is a timeline of events.
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David Grossman: 'Israel is a fortress, but not yet a home.'

Israel’s most important writer and peace activist talks about his early life and influences, his extraordinary process when he writes, and his passionate concern for the uncertain future of his country. Grossman spoke to Michael in front of an audience at the CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio. On Thursday, he was awarded his country’s highest civilian honour, the 2018 Israel Prize for Literature.

India seeks death penalty for rape of girls under 12

India's government has decided to hand down the death penalty for people convicted of raping girls under the age of 12 to combat crimes against women.

Geeks unite: Carleton prof explores social side of geekdom with new book

For Benjamin Woo, being a geek transcends lonely visits to the comic book store; it's a culture unto itself, a not-so-secret society where like-minded people bond over obscure genres, characters and collector's items.

Why does Alberta still have a separate Catholic school system? Here's a 2-minute explanation

Only three provinces still have education systems like this: Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. It has to do with history, politics and the constitution.

Helping women 'find direction in chaos' part of occupational therapist's job

For the past nine months, Dominique Shephard has been working with the YWCA’s Women in Supported Housing program helping participants solve problems that keep them from doing the things most important to them.

Saint John market's bell ringer known for big cigar, bigger heart

A bell ringer at the Saint John City Market for 20 years, George Wilkins is rarely without a cigar or a one-liner. He's one of the great characters of uptown Saint John.

Bought bitcoin in 2017? Here's how cryptocurrency is taxed in Canada

So, you read all the headlines in 2017 about the millions of dollars to be made in cryptocurrencies, and you took the investment plunge. Don't even think about hiding that digital stash from the Canada Revenue Agency, experts warn.

Jets and Moose make Winnipeg hockey history, but Manitoba's AHL team overshadowed

Winnipeg hockey fans are being treated to a moment that has never happened before in their city.