Government swamped by severance requests

Newfoundland and Labrador's finance minister said it's impossible to get severance cheques out to every government worker this fiscal quarter who wants one.

U.S. woman sentenced to life in prison for Valentine's Day shooting plot at Halifax mall

An American woman who plotted a Valentine's Day shooting rampage at a Halifax mall has been sentenced to life in prison for her part in the mass murder plot.

Police testify seeing bloody scene at Denecho King trial

Police said that the door was ajar when they arrived at the unit and saw John Wifladt and Colin Digness lying in the unit’s hallway.

Gateway to Prince's Sign o' the Times with Susan Rogers

The audio engineer breaks down some of the songs on Prince's album, Sign o' the Times, and shares what she felt he was trying to achieve at that moment in his career.

Trump talks of jailed journalists and 'hookers' in Comey memos

U.S. President Donald Trump told former FBI director James Comey that he had serious concerns about the judgment of a top adviser, asked about the possibility of jailing journalists and described a boast from Vladimir Putin about Russian prostitutes, according to Comey's notes of the talks.

Saskatoon authorities stop searching river, find no one

Saskatoon police and fire services suspended a search of the south Saskatchewan river early Friday morning after reports of a person falling into the water.

1 in hospital in critical condition after van drives into Nygard International building

A man is in hospital in critical condition after the van he was driving crashed into a building and caught fire in Winnipeg early Friday morning.​
My Life in Books

The poets that inspire Cree storyteller Louise Bernice Halfe

The poet and winner of the 2017 Latner Writers' Trust Poetry Prize on the poetry she loved reading.

Inflation heats up to 2.3% in March, driven by gasoline

Canada's inflation rate rose to 2.3 per cent in the year ending in March, the highest level since October 2014, as gas prices and just about everything else got more expensive.

'My two children can never go to the same school'

Andrea Hafez says the GECDSB's plan to add French immersion at Central means her two kids will be split up.

Illness postpones Marissa Shephard trial until Monday

Proceedings in Marissa Shephard's murder trial Friday were cancelled after a juror called in sick.

Caravan with 50 migrants reaches U.S. border at Tijuana

A caravan with 50 Central American migrants has reached the U.S. border at the Mexican city of Tijuana after travelling from Central America. Some have already requested asylum in the U.S.
Poetry Month

Why we can count on poetry, according to Griffin Poetry Prize finalist Donato Mancini

During National Poetry Month, CBC Books asked Canadian poets what the literary form means to them.

Gaza officials say 2 killed by Israeli troop gunfire in border protests

A Gaza man was killed on Friday by Israeli troops firing from across the strip's border, health officials say, as hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the frontier for the fourth weekly protest.

P.E.I. French Language School Board files notice of lawsuit against province

P.E.I.'s French Language School Board has announced it has filed a formal notice to sue the provincial government in order to gain access to federal funds it says it is entitled to.

Celebrating ECMA 2018 with live shows to Atlantic Canada

Join CBC in the Atlantic region for broadcasts of special live shows as the East Coast Music Awards celebrates 30 years.

(Live at 9:30 pm ET) HSBC Women's World Rugby Sevens Series - Pool Play

HSBC Women's World Rugby Sevens Series: Pool Play - Kitakyushu, Japan

(Live at 12:14 am ET) HSBC Women's World Rugby Sevens Series - Pool Play

HSBC Women's World Rugby Sevens Series: Pool Play - Kitakyushu, Japan

(Live at 2:58 am ET) HSBC Women's World Rugby Sevens Series - Pool Play

HSBC Women's World Rugby Sevens Series: Pool Play - Kitakyushu, Japan

Greens ask for official investigations into their own information gathering

P.E.I. Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker has formally asked the provincial privacy commissioner and Elections P.E.I. to investigate allegations raised in question period Wednesday.

Albertans don't play the victim card lightly

"We’re at a defining moment for our energy — the energy economy, and our energy as a people,” says Donna Kennedy-Glans.

Join CBC at ECMA 2018 for free shows

CBC is celebrating 30 years of East Coast music with live broadcasts from CBC Studio 60 and the Argyle Street stage for ECMA 2018

'Almost double' the damage on Stoney Creek trail already needing repairs

Two weeks before contractors were going to repair the Waterfront Trail from last year, it got hit again.

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Supreme Court's free-the-beer ruling sparks fears of cannabis trade restrictions

A Supreme Court of Canada ruling on interprovincial beer imports has sparked fears that provinces and territories will be free to impose restrictions on cannabis flowing over their borders at a time the industry is in its early stages of growth.