'Same company, 2nd spill': 1,000 drivers file claims after 2 acid spills wreck cars

Motorists who unwittingly drove through sulphuric acid spilled in Trail, B.C., this spring are crying foul after their vehicles were "totalled" by the corrosive chemical and some still don't have compensation.

New Hamburg artist Gloria Kagawa reconnects with past works for new Toronto show

Mixed media artist Gloria Kagawa has a solo show opening at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto this Saturday. To prepare for the exhibit, Kagawa has been going back over decades of her art to decide what to show.

'Blatant and malicious': Ice Wireless says Telus stopping calls to its customers

The CEO and president of Ice Wireless is claiming Telus has been actively stopping calls from Telus customers to Ice Wireless customers since May 29, 2018, in a complaint to Canada's telecommunications regulator.

Wild new roller-coaster coming to Canada's Wonderland

​There was Behemoth, then Leviathan. And, next year, there will be Yukon Striker — the longest, fastest and highest roller-coaster of its type, according to Canada's Wonderland, which will debut at the Toronto-area amusement park in April.

Mix of sun and cloud Wednesday: DayStarter weather

Here's a look at the weather you can expect in Hamilton today.

Gander golfer looking to go pro after impressive amateur career

Blair Bursey, 21, recently finished his four-year Division I NCAA career, but he's looking to get more yardage out of his golf career.

Taliban attack in northern Afghanistan kills at least 30 soldiers, police

A Taliban assault on two adjacent checkpoints in northern Afghanistan has killed at least 30 soldiers and police as life gradually returns to normal in parts of the eastern city of Ghazni after a massive insurgent attack last week.

Bomb squad called to Coquitlam house after man injured in explosion

RCMP's explosives disposal unit was called in to deal with an array of explosive devices discovered on a residential property in Coquitlam.

Man expected to be charged after armed standoff with police closes part of Highway 440

A man in his twenties is expected to be charged Wednesday in connection with an armed standoff with Laval and provincial police Tuesday afternoon.

'A Nazi in all but name': Author argues Asperger's syndrome should be renamed

Hans Asperger's pioneering work on autism led to Asperger syndrome being named after him. But the author of a new book claims that he also collaborated in the Nazis' euthanization of children.

Windsor's weather, traffic and gas prices for Wednesday

Everything you need to know to start your day.

5 fun facts about butterflies

5 fun facts about butterflies

How waking up at the same time every day can improve your health

How waking up at the same time every day can improve your health

Information Radio – Winnipeg

Winnipeg Morning show

Dryden OPP continue search for missing 28-year-old man with help of drone

As the search for missing 28-year-old Henry Stone-Arnold continues, Ontario Provincial Police in Dryden say they have suspended their search from the air but are using a drone in their ground search.

Ohhh, this whole time I thought everyone was saying 'teeth WIDENING'

“You know what? It’s fine. Let the people buy their Crest Widening Strips, whatever and whyever those are, and I’ll just be over here minding my own business.”

Halifax bus driver assaulted after rider doesn't pay fare

The incident happened late Tuesday night on the 5700 block of South Street in south-end Halifax.

Fire at Harbour Grace home undergoing renovations causes extensive damage

No one was living in the home at the time, RCMP now investigating

Thunder Bay police warn residents of a possibly armed male in Kakabeka Falls area

Thunder Bay police are warning residents of a male in need of assistance, and believed to be armed, in the area of Harstone Drive in Kakabeka Falls between Stanley and Smith Road.

Afternoon heat in Corner Brook causes man to collapse while working

A man collapsed while working on the roof of a home in Corner Brook due to the heat temperatures.

Trudeau government started pressing Saudis to release Badawi long before Twitter flap

A 2015 government memo shows the government's recent tweet criticizing Saudi Arabia's handling of the Raif Badawi case did not replace back-channel diplomacy. In fact, the Liberals were pressing the matter privately within weeks of taking office with the same Saudi official who is now demanding Canada apologize.

Man in his 20s sustains life-threatening injuries in St. James Town shooting

One man suffered life-threatening injuries and another is in police custody after a shooting in St. James Town late Tuesday, according to Toronto paramedics.

Smiths Falls Pride event 'a long time coming'

Smiths Falls, Ont., will hold its first Pride party this weekend, an event spearheaded by a local man who says he would have appreciated the support when he was a teen growing up there.

Winnipeg family fights for more addictions support after losing son to suicide

The family of a young Winnipeg man who died by suicide last month are fighting for a health-care system where treatment for drug addiction and mental illness is as available as care for cancer or broken leg.

Plaque to P.E.I. big-leaguer a reminder; 'don't ever give up'

A plaque was recently erected at Memorial Field in Charlottetown in honour of Vern Handrahan, the only Islander to play Major League Baseball in the modern era.