(Live at 4:25 am ET) 2018 World Rowing World Cup on CBC: Finals - Linz

From The Regatta Course of Linz-Ottensheim in Linz-Ottensheim, AUS

This Toronto cyclist looks for answers following collision caught on his helmet camera

A Toronto cyclist is looking for answers following a collision caught on video that left him careening over the hood of a passing car.

New Canadian Embassy woos the French with Indigenous art

Canada's brand-new embassy in Paris is a showcase for Canadian culture — with an emphasis on Indigenous artists.

A viral photo of a crying Honduran girl didn't tell the whole story. Does it matter?

The picture of a crying young Honduran girl in a pink jacket and jeans became a powerful image to illustrate the controversial policy of separating children from parents arrested for crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. It has since been learned that this picture did not tell that story.

Should bosses let employers watch the World Cup at work?

Ottawa soccer fans are doing everything they can to take in World Cup Matches during the work day.

Cannabis and the border: what pot-smoking Canadians need to know

Each day, 400,000 Canadians cross the Canada-U.S. border. Beginning Oct. 17, 2018, more and more of those travellers could be forced to answer an uncomfortable question posed by wary American customs officers: Have you ever smoked pot?

How Canadian-made artificial intelligence is helping Hollywood write better scripts

The movie industry is a hit-or-miss, high-stakes business. But some Canadian tech entrepreneurs believe they have a way to improve the odds.

Ottawa's environment committee changed its name. What else did it accomplish this term?

The city's environment and climate protection committee meeting this week was the second-last one before this fall's municipal election. So it's a good time to take stock of what the committee accomplished in this term of council. The short answer? Not a ton.

Singh admits holding NDP seats in Quebec won't be easy

Success in Quebec has proved elusive for the NDP, and that has the federal leader preparing to roll up his sleeves and get to work as a by-election approaches in the riding held by the party's former leader.

We're outraged when dogs are kept in hot cars. Why not pigs in transport vehicles?

Though the National Animal Care Council does have recommendations regarding transport of farmed animals in extreme weather, they are merely guidelines — not law — and are vaguely worded and rarely enforced.

Turkish election will test limits of Erdogan era

Sunday's presidential election in Turkey is so pivotal that almost half of the three million Turks living outside the country have already marked their ballots.

Inuvialuit folk-rocker Willie Thrasher off to perform in U.K.

Willie Thrasher, a residential school survivor from N.W.T. has used music to reclaim his Inuvialuit culture. He is in London for the first time to perform at Light in the Attic's 16th anniversary.

Stop the noise bleed: Canadian invention limits spread of concert sound into neighbourhoods

Soft-spoken engineer Jeremy Bridge has invented speaker technology that delivers high-quality sound to festival-goers while limiting its bleed into surrounding areas.

Wet weekend ahead with scattered showers

No heavy downpours, but a steady off and on drizzle is in the forecast.

Canadian military not ready for 'space army,' former defence chief says

Canada's military may not be ready to plant a flag in outer space, but a former chief of the defence staff says the federal government would do well to keep an eye on what the U.S. does with its promised new "space force."

In the search for life beyond Earth, moons may be the best candidates

We only know of one planet in our universe that harbours life: Earth. So it's logical that humanity has focused its search for life beyond our world on planetary bodies. But a new study suggests that we may be leaving out a larger chunk of the cosmos: moons.

Patios causing pedestrian congestion in the ByWard Market

Some residents in Lowertown are hoping this will be the last summer the sidewalks of Ottawa's ByWard Market will be overcrowded.

Trump could reform immigration and make history — but he'd rather fire up his base

U.S. President Donald Trump has such a grip on the Republican Party, he could probably push through the kind of immigration reform that has alluded his predecessors. But, as Keith Boag explains, what Trump seems to want most is continued chaos on immigration that he can exploit in the midterms.

Single women increasingly pursuing parenthood on their own

Myriam Steinberg was 40 and fresh off a breakup when she realized that if she wanted a baby, she’d have to go it alone. It's an issue some say is becoming more pervasive.

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Game Wrap: Masoli throws 3 TDs in Tiger-Cats win

Running back Mercer Timmis added two rushing touchdowns in Hamilton's 38-21 win in Edmonton.

Angels hold on for win over Blue Jays

Los Angeles scored twice in the first inning to beat Toronto 2-1.

NHL Draft Wrap: Sabres take Rasmus Dahlin 1st overall

Dahlin joins Mats Sundin as the only Swedes taken with the first overall pick.

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