Antarctica's rising bedrock could stabilize the ice melt

Ice is melting and land is rising - the ups and downs of Antarctica

Is it constitutional to send someone back to prison for relapsing?

Julie Eldred relapsed after 11 days on probation and was sent back to prison, even though she was in treatment for addiction. Her lawyer, LIsa Newman-Polk, made the case to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that the system should work differently.
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Nursing homes: Who is responsible for quality of care?

The Wettlaufer inquiry in Ontario is ringing alarm bells in nursing homes across Canada. Is there adequate oversight in elder homes? Who takes responsibility for quality of care?

Free airport event features 'best of the best' small aircraft

As many as 150 small aircraft will be on display this weekend during Airport Community Da, which happens to coincide with the annual convention of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.

Reopening Millcreek trestlle bridges.

The city of Edmonton has reopened five trestle bridges in the Millcreek ravine area. The project took eight months to complete and is now open to the public.

'What happened was wrong': Why this doctor spoke up about her #MeToo experience

Dr. Kim Kelly describes going public about her #MeToo experience as a “career-defining moment.”

In Warlight, Michael Ondaatje explores family secrets and betrayal

The celebrated Canadian author embarks on a new historical novel that delves into the personal questions the Second World War leaves behind.

Ottawa makes deal to buy three icebreakers for coast guard

The Liberal government has concluded a deal with a Quebec shipyard to buy three medium icebreakers to relieve pressure on the Canadian Coast Guard’s aging fleet. It will give competitors 15 days to challenge the decision to award the contract to Chantier-Davie, of Levis, Que.

Calgary hit with severe thunderstorm warning

It could be a wet and wild one in Calgary Friday afternoon, as Environment Canada puts the city under a severe thunderstorm warning.

Make the most of your summer!

Summer is here, and it's up to you to make the most of it. On this Now or Never, meet people who are motivated to cross big items off their summer bucket list.

Flying hot dog hits Philadelphia baseball fan square in the face

A rogue hot dog shot from a hot dog cannon at a Phillies game hit fan Kathy McVay between the eyes, leaving her with injuries serious enough to merit a trip to the hospital.

Ontario doctors to return to bargaining table after incoming government reaches out

Ontario's doctors, who have been without a physician services agreement for four years, are expected to return to the bargaining table next month.

Antarctica's rising bedrock could stabilize the ice melt

Ice is melting and land is rising - the ups and downs of Antarctica

Shawn Mendes on success, anxiety and his love for Ronaldo

The Canadian megastar rose to fame in his teens, but his just-released album is all grown up

Driver dies after tractor-trailer crosses 401 median hitting another truck

OPP say a driver has died after a tractor trailer crossed the Highway 401 median barrier near Tilbury, hitting another truck.

Shaqiri scores in injury time to complete Switzerland's comeback over Serbia

Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri scored in Switzerland's 2-1 victory over Serbia on Friday at the World Cup, and both celebrated by making a nationalist symbol to their ethnic Albanian heritage.

June 23 - Lasting effects of trauma in children's brains and catching criminals with 'bacterial fingerprints'

And why fur seals can get by without REM sleep, how Antarctic is rising, and more

Podcasts about the things that get lost in translation

Learn how language can sometimes be frustrating, awkward and downright confusing.

Separating children from parents can negatively affect brain development

Trauma alters neurological development and makes kids anxious and fearful

Seals who sleep with half their brains help explain how humans snooze

When fur seals are in the water for long period of time, they are able to survive without REM sleep for many days or weeks

Identifying criminals by the 'bacterial fingerprints' they leave behind

We leave a trail of these microbes everywhere we go, shedding about 36 million bacterial cells per hour

How long did it take to wipe out the dinosaurs?

Dr. Victoria Arbour from the University of Toronto answers this week's Quirks Question.

CRA scam victim's story of being handcuffed by fake police was 'exaggerated,' VPD says

Police say the woman's claim that she was arrested by men dressed as police officers, handcuffed and thrown in a car is false. She did, however, lose $6,000.

Raccoons experiencing high blood sugar levels from eating our food

A new study by Ontario researchers found that raccoons with easy access to human food waste were significantly heavier and had higher blood glucose levels than others.

Calgary phys ed teacher pleads guilty to sexually assaulting teen student

Edwin Cay Arias, 46, worked at Bishop McNally High School when he began a two-year relationship in 2007 with student, which began when she was 16.