Loss of wheelchair ramp at Happy Valley-Goose Bay arena leaves Labrador Cup fans stuck

Participants in the Labrador Cup soccer tournament aren't allowed to use their hands — and spectators will have trouble watching if they don't have full use of their legs.

Powerful cyclone lashes Oman and Yemen; 5 dead, 30 missing

Cyclone Mekunu blew into the Arabian Peninsula early Saturday, drenching arid Oman and Yemen, cutting off power lines and leaving at least five people dead and more than 30 missing.

Leaving a child in a hot car, even for a few minutes, can be deadly, warns doctor

If children are left in a hot car, even for minutes, symptoms can lead to heatstroke, seizures and death.

Surveillance video shows gunmen approach people in Regent Park

Surveillance camera footage released by Toronto police shows two men pointing guns at unsuspecting people in Regent Park and shooting one of them early Wednesday.

Man, 18, dead after stabbing at Mississauga house party

A man, 18, has died in hospital after he was stabbed many times in the chest while attending a Mississauga house party, police and paramedics say.

Justice minister's tweet on Boushie verdict inspired a wave of angry e-mails and letters

Hundreds of Canadians sent e-mails and letters to federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould after she posted a comment to Twitter in the wake of a jury verdict in the death of Colten Boushie. Many accused the minister of political interference after she wrote, "We can and must do better."

4 men in hospital after fight near Bell Centre

Police said a fight between two groups led to the stabbing of at least three people at the parking lot of the Esso gas station beside the Bell Centre.

On the Ledge: Tina Beaudry-Mellor goes from prof to politician

She used to teach politics at the University of Regina and now she is a politician responsible for post-secondary education in the province.

Will Ottawa and Kinder Morgan reach a deal?

This week on The House, Kinder Morgan's deadline of May 31st is just around the corner. Has the federal government provided the company with enough certainty to keep the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project alive? We talk to Canada's Natural Resources Minister, Jim Carr. Then, what could Donald Trump calling Canada 'spoiled' mean for the future of the NAFTA talks? We ask Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer.

NAFTA deal complicated, but possible this year: U.S. congressman

Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer says he thinks some version of a NAFTA deal is possible during this session of Congress.

Travelling N.W.T. hamster escapes on vacation, finds his own ride back home

On vacation in Alberta with his family for the long weekend, Fluffy got out of his cage and caught a ride back home with friendly neighbours from Fort Simpson, N.W.T.

Signs of spring inspire photographers to capture fleeting season

Nova Scotians are happily shrugging off winter and turning their cameras to the brilliant colours outside.

Sudbury jousting tournament features North America's only full-contact female jouster

Jaclyn Ziemniak likes to spend her spare time putting on a suit of armor and galloping head long into a three meter lance. Ziemniak is a dame — or female knight — with the Knights of Valour, a full-contact jousting troupe performing in Sudbury over the weekend.

DND doubles financial compensation for military who lose money on moving

About 12,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces are ordered to move each year. The federal Home Equity Assistance program now offers up to $30,000 to cover losses when their house fetches less than they’ve put into it. Previously, the Treasury Board capped it at $15,000.

'We didn't know if she would survive long enough to do it': Vancouver sisters embark on emotional sailing race

Nearly 200 sailboats crossed the start line of the 75th annual Swiftsure International Yacht Race in Victoria on Saturday — but only one has an all-female crew.

QEH Telethon host Marlene MacDonald celebrates 22 years

Marlene MacDonald has hosted the annual fundraising telethon for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for all of its 22 years, and says she'll continue "as long as they want me to do it."

Woman stunned to receive 20-year-old bylaw ticket for off-leash dog that wasn't hers

A Toronto woman was left scratching her head after receiving a $243.25 collection notice for an off-leash dog bylaw infraction dating back 20 years. The dog wasn't even hers and its owner has long since died.

'I was so happy I shot that polar bear': The story behind this nursing mom's successful hunt

A photo taken by Lynne Quassa's 15-year-old daughter shows the mother of two holding a rifle with a dead polar bear at her feet and a still-nursing baby in her amauti.

Warm weather and wings: Food columnist Andrew Coppolino hatches a plan for dinner

If you're feeling peckish and need to hatch a plan for dinner, CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino says you can't go wrong with wings.

Manitobans could face 3rd dose of vaccine after outbreak of 2,000 mumps cases

Manitoba is on the tail end of a mumps outbreak that hit 2,000 people and as the whirl winds down, the province's medical officer of health thinks another dose of the vaccine might be necessary.

London women celebrating 100 years of getting the vote

On Saturday, London women celebrate the 100-year anniversary of women getting the right to vote.

Sex, lies and video: The story behind Alexa Emerson's 'rampage of social media terrorism'

An agreed statement of facts at Alexa Emerson's sentencing laid out the means and methods behind her campaign of terror that targeted her ex-boyfriends, their families, friends and employers.

Smartphone app gives users a then-and-now look at historic Exchange District

The app, called On This Spot, allows people to go on self-guided walking tours and compare current buildings and places with historical photos.

Actor, former wrestler Robert Maillet lands role in Deadpool 2

Robert Maillet of Sainte-Marie-de-Kent says it has been a thrill to play the role of Sluggo, a mutant mercenary, in the latest Marvel movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

No guarantee Ottawa can reach deal on pipeline, minister says

Canada's natural resources minister says there's no guarantee that Ottawa will manage to reach a deal with Kinder Morgan to keep the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project alive.