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Misener on Tech


Misener on Tech

Online and on-air, Dan Misener's weekly column explores the latest developments in technology, the internet, and digital culture, and the impact they have on how Canadians live, work, and play. 

Updated: Weekly
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Oscar Panel

Film experts will weigh in on the results, the frontrunners and the breakout stars from the past year in movies.

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Taking the fall

Hear Chuck Rosenberg tale of surviving a fall from a cliff.

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Controversy Advertising

Many brands choose to use controversial advertising ideas to break through the clutter.

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Jim Prentice

The Alberta Premier say there will be hard time for the province due to low oil prices.

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Nightmare before Christmas

A new television for a penny? This past Friday, a software glitch caused many items on Amazon's UK website to be dramatically under-priced. Dan Misener has a behind-the-scenes look at what happened. Includes an interview with retailer Stephen Palmer.

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Yik Yak

It's only been around for about a year, but the anonymous social networking app Yik Yak has raised a lot of money and created a lot of controversy. Includes an interview with Rick Jones, principal of Chilliwack Secondary.

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Overly promotional

Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm, and it'll have a big impact on anyone who uses Facebook to promote themselves, or their business. Includes an interview with Dani Gagnon of The Like Button.

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Less Mail

A look at two algorithmically-aided approaches to email overload.

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Skin Buttons

Imagine if your entire forearm became a touch-screen display. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed “skin buttons” – a smartwatch system that uses laser light to turn your wrist into a touchable, tappable computer interface.

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One step closer to the Holodeck

A look at RoomAlive, a project from Microsoft Research. Includes an interview with Raj Sodhi.

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