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Atlantic Voice tells stories about issues and people throughout the region. We present documentaries prepared by journalists that take a thoughtful approach to the changes going on in our region. We talk about the things that pull us together as a region - and sometimes tear us apart!

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Want to trade your desk job for a cabin in the woods?

This guy did it.

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Creative beer brewing

A micro-brewery in Iceland uses whale testicles smoked with sheep dung. Really.

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Remembering Roger Moore

Director John Glen reflects on his time directing Roger Moore as Jame Bond.

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This Harvard grad submitted a rap album for his thesis

Obasi Shaw just became the first student ever to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in Harvard's English department.

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Pride and Prejudice

The Halifax Pride Parade is in its 30th year. It is now a major celebration. But it was a very different scene when a few courageous activists held the first Pride Parade. Some even wore bags over their heads to protect their identity. In this episode, we

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Halifax Public Library

A feature conversation with Asa Kachan, CEO of the Halifax Public Libraries. She gives Angela Antle a private tour of Central Library in downtown Halifax, and talks how about more than making books available, this modern building is doing nothing short of

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Making TONY nominated musicals out of regional stories. How "COME FROM AWAY" became a Broadway sensation. A feature conversation with Michael Rubinoff, producer of the musical.

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Father Greg MacLeod

Father Greg MacLeod died earlier this week. He was a leading figure in Cape Breton as a priest, activist and educator. We mark his passing through this interview he did in 2009 with CBC host Steve Sutherland.

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"L'amour Geant"

We head to a small village in France where a Nova Scotia Battalion and one Cape Breton soldier are celebrated for their role 100 years ago in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Phlis McGregor produced this documentary - "L'amour Geant" or Giant Love.

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Percy and his Map

We mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge with this story about a soldier from Cape Breton who played a key role that day. Phlis McGregor produced the documentary.

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A Blue Whale of a Tale

Jeremy Eaton brings us the story of how a tragedy for the Blue Whale population in the North Atlantic turned into a windfall of data for scientists.

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Women in Film

Feature interviews with 2 creative women - Jordan Canning and Jennifer Holness - about why we need more diversity on Canadian screens.

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Catherine MacLellan

Feature conversation with Catherine MacLellan about her new tribute show to her father, Gene MacLellan. She spoke with the CBC's Matt Rainnie and it is a moving conversation about the power of family, music, vulnerability + love.

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The Liverpool Packet

One man's quest to find out more about a terrifying moment during World War Two when his father's life hung in the balance on the Atlantic Ocean. Connell Smith produced this documentary.

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3 woman from very different backgrounds have created their own multi-generational family. Our thanks to Phlis McGregor for producing this documentary.

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Answering The Call

With so much at stake, why do so many people from rural communities across Atlantic Canada sign up to be volunteer fire fighters? Felicia Latour prepared this documentary which focuses on the members of the Maitland District Volunteer Department.

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Immigration - In Their Own Words

Four remarkable women, who emigrated to the east coast from around the world, share their own stories about dealing with racism, searching for identity and the idea of home.

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Seeking Out The Ties That Bind

The on-going legacy of the Ideal Maternity Home in Nova Scotia. From the late 1920s to the late 1940s, the home was a place where discreet births and adoptions took place. But over the years - many infants died at the home - and they came to be known as T

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Chasing The Dragon

We head into the world of professional wrestling. It's an outlandish business that’s tough on body and soul. We follow Troy Merrick as he grapples with his future in and outside the ring. This documentary was produced by Philip Moscovitch.

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"Jack Tales"

A special storytelling episode featuring author and actor Andy Jones and storyteller Mary Fearon. They share original stories based on the traditional "Jack Tale". Jack is a recurring character in oral tradition in many cultures.

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We follow a family from Nova Scotia who made a dramatic change in their lives to help people in a small community in Haiti. Shaina Luck produced this documentary.

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Donna Morrissey

A revealing and entertaining conversation with Donna Morrissey about her new novel "The Fortunate Brother". Angela Antle spoke with Donna at the annual Writers at Woody Point Literary Festival.

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Six Degrees of Separation Through 88 keys

A look at the changing role of the upright piano. There used to be one in parlours and living rooms in almost every home across Atlantic Canada. Now they've been replaced by smaller, electric keyboards. Myfanwy Davies tracks the many lives touched by her

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