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Atlantic Voice

Atlantic Voice tells stories about issues and people throughout the region. We present documentaries prepared by journalists that take a thoughtful approach to the changes going on in our region. We talk about the things that pull us together as a region - and sometimes tear us apart!

Updated: Sundays
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Chapter 1: Not if, how

A drunken tarot card reading returns Michelle to 1999, when she first met The Scientist (soon to be The Husband) and all was filled with promise.

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Making the leap to Canada

What's it really like for people building a new life in Canada?

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Explainer: North Korea's nukes

North Korean nuclear threat could lead to long term climatic consequences.

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Narcos location scout murder

Journalist Diana Washington Valdez says the murder of Carlos Muñoz Portal might have been prevented if Netflix had done more to ensure his safety.

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Mary Walsh - In Conversation

A lively conversation with Mary Walsh about her first novel - "Crying For the Moon" recorded at Writers At Woody Point.

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Pauline Dakin - Ride, Hide, Repeat

A feature interview with Pauline Dakin about her compelling new book -"Ride, Hide, Repeat" a memoir of a fugitive childhood.

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Pride and Prejudice

The Halifax Pride Parade is in its 30th year. It is now a major celebration. But it was a very different scene when a few courageous activists held the first Pride Parade. Some even wore bags over their heads to protect their identity. In this episode, we

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Halifax Public Library

A feature conversation with Asa Kachan, CEO of the Halifax Public Libraries. She gives Angela Antle a private tour of Central Library in downtown Halifax, and talks how about more than making books available, this modern building is doing nothing short of

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Making TONY nominated musicals out of regional stories. How "COME FROM AWAY" became a Broadway sensation. A feature conversation with Michael Rubinoff, producer of the musical.

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Father Greg MacLeod

Father Greg MacLeod died earlier this week. He was a leading figure in Cape Breton as a priest, activist and educator. We mark his passing through this interview he did in 2009 with CBC host Steve Sutherland.

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"L'amour Geant"

We head to a small village in France where a Nova Scotia Battalion and one Cape Breton soldier are celebrated for their role 100 years ago in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Phlis McGregor produced this documentary - "L'amour Geant" or Giant Love.

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Percy and his Map

We mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge with this story about a soldier from Cape Breton who played a key role that day. Phlis McGregor produced the documentary.

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A Blue Whale of a Tale

Jeremy Eaton brings us the story of how a tragedy for the Blue Whale population in the North Atlantic turned into a windfall of data for scientists.

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