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Atlantic Voice

Atlantic Voice tells stories about issues and people throughout the region. We present documentaries prepared by journalists that take a thoughtful approach to the changes going on in our region. We talk about the things that pull us together as a region - and sometimes tear us apart!

Updated: Sundays
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Featured Podcast

Episode 8: Gwen

Gwen speaks about her relationship with Michael Lavoie and what she recalls from those crucial days in January 1998.

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Featured Podcast

Is sugar killing us?

How can a stressful commute impact a person's professional performance?

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Featured Podcast

Not loving Meryl Streep's speech

'Crippled Scholar' Kim Sauder says Meryl Streep was not speaking up for disabled people in her Golden Globe speech.

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Featured Podcast

#DoesItFart? Scientists ask which animals pass gas

Biologists (and a few pet owners) from around the world have been collaborating on a Google spreadsheet that lists which animals pass gas and which don't.

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Chasing The Dragon

We head into the world of professional wrestling. It's an outlandish business that’s tough on body and soul. We follow Troy Merrick as he grapples with his future in and outside the ring. This documentary was produced by Philip Moscovitch.

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"Jack Tales"

A special storytelling episode featuring author and actor Andy Jones and storyteller Mary Fearon. They share original stories based on the traditional "Jack Tale". Jack is a recurring character in oral tradition in many cultures.

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We follow a family from Nova Scotia who made a dramatic change in their lives to help people in a small community in Haiti. Shaina Luck produced this documentary.

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Donna Morrissey

A revealing and entertaining conversation with Donna Morrissey about her new novel "The Fortunate Brother". Angela Antle spoke with Donna at the annual Writers at Woody Point Literary Festival.

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Six Degrees of Separation Through 88 keys

A look at the changing role of the upright piano. There used to be one in parlours and living rooms in almost every home across Atlantic Canada. Now they've been replaced by smaller, electric keyboards. Myfanwy Davies tracks the many lives touched by her

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Power Of The Sweat Lodge

We meet two individuals following different paths who connect through the cleansing power of a sweat lodge in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. John Gaudi produced this powerful documentary.

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The Come Home From Aways

We hear why some Atlantic Canadians have chosen to return home to their roots on the east coast.

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Pieces of War

It's never too late to pay tribute. In this documentary, Leigh Anne Power goes searching for the reminders of WW1 in her community. And we hear how a First World War soldier finally gets a military funeral nearly 100 years after his death.

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In Their Own Words

A powerful documentary about letters from the First World War that are stored in The Rooms in St. John's. The letters were written by soldiers, officials and supporters of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment,and they're also written by mothers and fathers,son

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Without Seal - There is no Me.

A profile of the celebrated - and sometimes controversial - Inuk artist Billy Gauthier. He is committed to his community - and to the traditional ways of creating art. John Gaudie produced this documentary.

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Joan Jessome

Amy Smith has a feature conversation with Joan Jessome - one of this region's most prominent and controversial union leaders. After 17 years as President of the NSGEU, Jessome shares her personal story of hardship, isolation, poverty, and ultimately, rede

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The Idea of Home

Why more Atlantic Canadians are putting down roots in the North and making new lives there - while still keeping their connections to back home. Allison Devereaux produced this documentary called THE IDEA OF HOME.

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A Way to Walk

Julia Cook's documentary about her 13 day journey on the EAST COAST Trail along the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland.

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Dr.Moira Brown + Right Whales

A feature conversation with Dr. Moria Brown about her lifetime studying the North Atlantic Right Whale. Harry Forestell speaks with her about her on-going fascination with these remarkable creatures.

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Fentanyl in Atlantic Canada

Bracing for a drug epidemic in Atlantic Canada. Fentanyl,an opioid more powerful than heroin or morophine has made it's way into our region. We'll hear what police and health officials are doing now to save lives and get it off our streets.

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Question Number 10

Welook at the troubling issue of mental illness and suicide among teenagers. And how one group of teens in St. John's is trying to do something about it.

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We meet the iron workers from Newfoundland and Labrador who built the original towers - and the skyscrapers that replaced them.

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