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New Fire


New Fire

From remote reserves to bustling big cities, join Urban Native Girl Lisa Charleyboy as she brings you to the surprising heart of the conversations important to Indigenous youth today.

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Where are you from?

Hear from young people who are learning about their Indigenous nations - and what that means to them.

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At a loss for words

Two strangers who don’t speak the same language meet in Haiti and sparks fly... through Google Translate.

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Soheil's Millionaire Blues

Vancouver’s Soheil Biniaz is a self-made millionaire, who's learning deep connection is something his money can't buy.

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War, on drugs

From berzerkers on mushrooms, to Nazis on meth, armies and soldiers have used drugs to fight, cope with and recover from war since ancient times.

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How far would you go for education?

Meet young Indigenous people who have to leave home in the name of education - and who are finding ways to stay connected to where they're from.

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'Where are you from?'

On the season premiere of New Fire with Lisa Charleyboy, hear from young people who are learning about their Indigenous nations - and what that means to them.

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New Fire returns for Season 2

This summer, New Fire will introduce you to the next generation of Indigenous voices. From social media to sex, culture to ceremony, Indigenous young people share their stories and invite you into their communities. Our second season begins June 26!

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Season Finale: Political Panel

There's a federal election in just a few weeks. But how relevant are politics to Indigenous youth in 2015? Lisa Charleyboy sat down with three people who have spent much of their young lives in the political trenches.

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Exploring Education

From lessons in a classroom to learning from the land - getting an education is a huge part of growing up... and Indigenous youth are craving cultural knowledge.

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Indigenous Youth Talk Tech

Whether your thumbs are glued to a smartphone, iPad, or game controller, technology and youth go hand-in-hand. This week, we're looking at how the digital world is shaping the lives of young Indigenous people.

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Brushes with Boredom

Boredom is a part of growing up - but it can also have serious consequences. Nearly 17 percent of Indigenous youth who've dropped out of school say boredom is the number one reason why.

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Coming of Age

Many cultures have traditions that mark the transition to womanhood or manhood - but what does it really mean to 'come of age'?

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Confronting Cultural Appropriation

From 'Cowboys & Indians' to 'hipster headdresses', Indigenous appropriation is a hot topic right now.

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Dating While Indigenous

Dating while indigenous can be complicated. This week, New Fire looks at modern romance - and what it really means to 'date native'.

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Rebellion is part of growing up, whether it's standing up to your parents or getting political and 'fighting the man'. This week, New Fire features the stories of Indigenous youth taking taking a stand.

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Leaving Home

Whether you're running away from your remote reserve, escaping from a small town or big city, or heading back to traditional territory - displacement is a fact of life for many Indigenous young people.

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Young and Indigenous in 2015

For our debut episode, New Fire looks at how young Indigenous people define themselves in 2015.

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