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Out In The Open


Out In The Open

Out in the Open is an adventurous and wide-ranging weekly show about the nitty-gritty of real life. Host Piya Chattopadhyay and her team look at how one timely topic is affecting regular people, and invite listeners to join in on the conversations we need to have ... out in the open.

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Trump's campaign to undo Obama's legacy

Bulldozing Obama's legacy is a preoccupation of the 45th president.

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Season 1 update

In March 2018, David and his team of volunteers conduct a fourth search of Holmes Lake for Adrien McNaughton.

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My way

Layla navigates offers of drugs and alcohol at school. Olivia goes down a dangerous path.

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The power of the Pope

CBC correspondent Steven D’Souza was there as thousands cheered, white smoke bellowed and a new pope was chosen.

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#39: Perfect Strangers

This week, Out in the Open asks: What's behind the kindness of strangers? Piya speaks with people who share their homes, time, bodies... and bodily functions... all for the greater good of others.

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#76: Letting Go

We all have it. Some of us hoard it. It can give you a sense of power, agency and self-worth. But ceding control — whether by choice or circumstance — can open doors to a whole new kind of empowerment. This week, Piya asks: When is it time to let go of control?

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#75: Split Loyalty

Have you ever been torn between two ideals, causes or people... and can't quite figure where your allegiance should lie? This week, Piya speaks with people who found themselves with split loyalty and either felt like they had to choose a side or embrace living on a border.

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BONUS: Other People's Problems

Normally, therapy sessions are totally confidential — but this podcast opens the doors. Hillary McBride and her clients want to help demystify mental health. In this episode of Other People's Problems, we hear from Steve who wants to have more sex with his wife. But is his focus on the bedroom obscuring a bigger issue?

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#34: Deception Effects

This week, Out in the Open brings you some very real talk about faking it. Piya speaks with people peddling lies — and people buying them — to find out: What's the effect of deception?

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#74: Neighbours

You may think you're pretty similar to your neighbours. But you might be surprised by what you don't know about the people who live right next door. This week, Piya brings you stories of neighbours who have great differences, despite their close proximity to one another.

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#73: Protection

For some, it's their children or their prospect of having kids. For others, it's their land and community, their past and their future. This week, Piya speaks with people who stood up to defend what they value and asks: What would you do to protect what's important to you?

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EXTRA: 'People deserve a second chance' in wake of #MeToo movement, says online reputation manager

Matt Earle, founder of Reputation.ca, works with individuals and businesses whose reputations have taken a hit online. Some of his clients are victims of untrue rumours posted to blogs. But others are high-profile people whose reputations have taken a hit through widespread media coverage. In either case, he says accusations published online can be “devastating for someone who has worked hard all their life to be a good person.”

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#72: Reputation

How you are seen in the wider world can change on a dime, whether you're caught up in a major news story, called out in public or make a misstep online. This week, Piya speaks with people whose characters became warped for all kinds of reasons and asks: How can you rebuild your reputation?

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#71: Enablers

You might do it out of love, fear or duty. It can be done with great purpose, or completely unintentionally. And it can happen for worse and for better in some truly surprising ways. This week, from the workplace to the bedroom, Piya asks: Why do we enable?

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#70: Untruth Be Told

In a time of so-called "fake news", spin and stories going viral before people check the facts... it can be hard for any of us to know where to draw a line between what's real and what's not. But imagine how much harder it would be if you were a character in the plot. This week, Piya asks: What happens when you're caught up in an untrue story?

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#33: Invisible Illness

When you can see symptoms, hear pain and touch scars, you can sympathize with sickness. But sometimes, it wears a mask. This week, Piya speaks with people whose disabilities, disorders and diseases live beneath the surface and asks: What's it like to live with 'invisible illness'?

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#69: Estrangement

The model family is often depicted as close, loving and in contact. But new research shows a less-romanticized reality: estrangement from a loved one is more common than we think, and yet we still don't fully understand or accept it. This week, Piya speaks with people who have cut off — and been cut off from — their immediate family members to find out the many motivations and effects of estrangement.

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#68: Crossing Divides

We have more ways than ever to communicate with each other. Yet even with all our discourse, it seems we're more divided than ever too, entrenched in camps by our politics, identities, abilities and values. This week, meet people who stepped over the line as Piya asks: What can you learn from crossing divides?

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#67: Breaking Silence

For months, we've been hearing countless people speak out about sexual assault and harassment, as part of the #MeToo movement. As a whole, it can look very emboldening. But for the people who choose to go public and make their voices heard, that empowerment can come at a great personal cost. This week, Piya asks people in a variety of circumstances: What does it take to break your silence?

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#66: Last Words

The last words you ever say -- or the ones said about you -- can be like the closing chapter of your life story. This week, Piya explores the cultural weight we give to them and asks: What do you say on the way out?

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ENCORE: What Does Colten Boushie Say About Us?

NOTE: This episode originally aired in January 2017 | On February 9, 2018, Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley was found not guilty in the 2016 shooting death of Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Indigenous man. Boushie's death resurfaced divisions in the area and shone a light on racism Indigenous people continue to face across Canada. One year before the trial, Piya sat down for an interview with Boushie's family, and explored what the case says about all Canadians.

Download ENCORE: What Does Colten Boushie Say About Us?
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#42: Public Shaming

It burns when you feel shame. But the pain and humiliation is something else when being shamed is blown up for the world to see. This week, Piya asks: What are the consequences of public shaming?

Download #42: Public Shaming
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#65: Freedom Ltd.

Most of us give up certain liberties to maintain peace and live in civil society, like agreeing not to kill, steal or take justice into our own hands. But some freedoms are more nuanced, challenging... and can even define who you are. This week, Piya asks: What limits would you accept on your freedom?

Download #65: Freedom Ltd.
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#64: That F Word

One year after the Women's March, months after #MeToo took off, and fresh off Merriam-Webster crowning 'feminism' as 2017's word of the year, discussion and activism around women and equality are dominating our cultural conversations. And yet, divisions about how effective it's all been — and what feminism should be trying to achieve — continue. This week, Piya asks: How should we talk about feminism today?

Download #64: That F Word
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EXTRA: 'I had to tell myself I'm not like him': When your friend becomes a mass shooter

When Andrew Page found out his good friend Kimveer Gill was the Dawson College mass shooter, it was hard to take. It also made him question who he is as a person.

Download EXTRA: 'I had to tell myself I'm not like him': When your friend becomes a mass shooter
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#63: A Complicated Closeness

The recent rash of public figures accused of sexual misconduct, assault and violence has compelled us to consider how we view them and their work. But what most of us share in these cases is the safety and comfort of distance. This week, Piya speaks with people who know and care about those accused of doing terrible things to find out how being one rung removed complicates their relationships.

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After Escape

We love stories of escape. They're high stakes. There's drama. They often have happy resolutions. But we don't often consider the other side of getting out... and that can be the really tough part. This week, Piya asks: What happens after you escape?

Download After Escape
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#61: Cut Through Hate

From strident political divides, to protesting other people at rallies, to numerous stories of harassment and assault...it feels like hate is all around us today. This week, Piya speaks with haters and their targets, and asks: How do you cut through hate?

Download #61: Cut Through Hate
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#30: Past Lives

You can't change the past. But can you ever leave it behind? This week, we bring you stories of criminal, familial, traumatic and famous pasts that some are struggling to let go, and others are trying to repair.

Download #30: Past Lives
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#23: Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays can be uncomfortable, difficult and downright awkward. Out in the Open's got your back with this hour all about how to survive the season...from dealing with family differences to reconciling who you are with what the holidays demand of you.

Download #23: Holiday Survival Guide
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#60: See Ya, 2017

This week, Piya speaks with those at the crux of Canada's top stories of 2017, including Canada 150, the Quebec City mosque shooting, illegal border crossings in Manitoba, and Quebec's religious neutrality law.

Download #60: See Ya, 2017
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#59: Unintended Consequences

You have the best of intentions. You can almost taste that golden carrot dangling in the distance. The dream may be alive. The problem is...sometimes reality gets in the way. This week, Piya asks: How do you recover when things don't go according to plan?

Download #59: Unintended Consequences
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#58: Stranger in Your Own Land

It can be tough when you're the odd one out, whether it's because of what you do for a living, where you reside, or simply because of who you are. This week, Piya speaks with people who feel like strangers in their own land.

Download #58: Stranger in Your Own Land
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