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BC: North by Northwest


BC: North by Northwest

Join host Sheryl MacKay to meet creative people from all around the province. Hear about their passions and inspirations. You'll visit artists in their studios, musicians and performers backstage, writers at their keyboards and chefs at the cooktop. There's great conversation and a lot of laughs too waiting for you every weekend on North by Northwest.

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Want to trade your desk job for a cabin in the woods?

This guy did it.

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Creative beer brewing

A micro-brewery in Iceland uses whale testicles smoked with sheep dung. Really.

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Remembering Roger Moore

Director John Glen reflects on his time directing Roger Moore as Jame Bond.

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This Harvard grad submitted a rap album for his thesis

Obasi Shaw just became the first student ever to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in Harvard's English department.

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Sunday May 28

Infinite: Spiritual Conversations in Cloth at Christ Church in Vancouver, historian Larry Wong, Jonathan Berkowitz on capitol letters and author Michael Harris on his book Solitude.

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Saturday May 27

The Strathcona Symphony Orchestra, Corey Payette on his musical Children of God, David Dumbrell talks about his moving sculptures, and poet, singer and songwriter Rodney DeCroo

Download Saturday May 27
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:55]

Sunday May 21

Author Evelyn Lau, author and artist Pnina Granirer, a mini beer tour of breweries in BC and two high school students who were winners in the Canada Wide science fair.

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[mp3 file: runs 02:29:29]

Saturday May 20

Potter Gordon Hutchens on Denman Island, dance and theatre with Luciterra, we visit a yard in Port Coquitlam where neighbours are sharing the land and visit the Pie Hole on Fraser St.

Download Saturday May 20
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:44]

Sunday May 14

Irene Watts on her graphic novel for young readers, Seeking Refuge, Richard Cannings and his book on great birding places in BC, and the full Shelf Life with author Brian Brett.

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[mp3 file: runs 02:52:10]

Saturday May 13

David Tracey visits a dove tree, photographer Greg Girard on Vancouver 30 plus years ago, Kelsey Rostad and You Can Eat Now plus Michael Juk and music for the stars.

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[mp3 file: runs 02:22:05]

Sunday May 7

The Helena Choir, Frank Ritcey talks about cooperation in the wild, author Sarah O'Leary and composer and Guggenheim Fellow Daniel Peter Biros.

Download Sunday May 7
[mp3 file: runs 02:33:48]

Saturday May 6

Mycologist Willoughby Arevalo, a documentary about The Carnival Band, Imogene Lim talks about the Cumberland Chinatown walk and The Valley Youth Fiddlers describe their new show.

Download Saturday May 6
[mp3 file: runs 02:26:02]

Sunday April 30

Author Chieri Uegaki, young composer Henry From, Erhard Rom on designing sets for Vancouver Opera and filmmaker Carmen Pollard.

Download Sunday April 30
[mp3 file: runs 02:28:04]

Saturday April 29

An anniversary of the Canadian Geological Survey of Canada, Pat Carney's new book On Island, Theatre Terrific's new play Hello, and author Janie Chang.

Download Saturday April 29
[mp3 file: runs 00:52:55]

Sunday April 23

June Goldsmith talks about the opera Dido and Aeneas, Chef Robin Kort on foraging, a visit to Knotty by Nature in Victoria and poetry from Adele Barclay.

Download Sunday April 23
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:28]

Saturday April 22

We celebrate Earth Day with David Tracey and trees, Egan Davis and gardens and a natural soundscape project from Saturna. Also some thoughts on spelling with Jonathan Berkowitz.

Download Saturday April 22
[mp3 file: runs 00:49:20]

Sunday April 2

Chef Nettie Cronish, recorder player Tony Griffiths, more book talk with Dan Mangan and Janet Dunnett on the challenges of being a caregiver.

Download Sunday April 2
[mp3 file: runs 00:47:40]

Saturday April 1

Gulf Islands student compete at national improv finals, Bob Rebagliati has three former students up for Junos, Frank Ritcey talks about animal parents, and designer Dawn Russell.

Download Saturday April 1
[mp3 file: runs 00:55:17]

Sunday March 26

Bird watcher Liam Singh, musician Dan Mangan talks books, Willow Yamauchi in the Cabinet of Curiosities and a visit to the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Download Sunday March 26
[mp3 file: runs 00:51:25]

Saturday March 25

Gardener Egan Davis, poet Tina Biello, and the hosts of the podcast Pop This!

Download Saturday March 25
[mp3 file: runs 00:55:36]

Sunday March 19

Artist Kyle Zsombor scuplts with money, Matthew McFarlane talks about milk and chocolate beers, and designer Shelley Klassen gets ready for Vancouver Fashion week.

Download Sunday March 19
[mp3 file: runs 02:28:05]

Saturday March 18

Jonathan Berkowitz and word meanings, artist Christine Gollner at the Victoria Sketch Club, chef and cooking instructor Valentine Kitamura and a visit to Luminescence.

Download Saturday March 18
[mp3 file: runs 00:42:38]

Sunday March 12

Here's the whole show, including a women's travel network, a new series about collectors, a senior's drama project and tributes to author Richard Wagamese.

Download Sunday March 12
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:15]

Saturday March 11

Author Susin Neilsen on her latest novel, composer Jared Miller, gardener Egan Davis and another champion of one of the 5 Canada Reads books this year.

Download Saturday March 11
[mp3 file: runs 00:49:55]

Sunday Mar 5

Author and artist Michael Kluckner, poet Kara-Lee MacDonald, June Goldsmith talks about the opera Norma and Vancouver's Elektra Women's Choir celebrates 30 years.

Download Sunday Mar 5
[mp3 file: runs 02:28:05]

Saturday March 4

Cookbook author and blogger Sarah Britton, photographer Mark West, a film about the Sooke Philharmonic from Arwen Hunter and David Phillips from Environment Canada.

Download Saturday March 4
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:12]

Sunday February 26

A visit to FG Leary School in Chilliwack, artist Susan Point at the VAG, artist Suzo Hickey in Prince Rupert and dancer and choreographer Yvonne Chartrand.

Download Sunday February 26
[mp3 file: runs 02:26:55]

Saturday February 25

Artist Landon MacKenzie, author Eden Robinson, poet Jane Byers and more.

Download Saturday February 25
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:47]

Sunday, February 19

Vancouver Cantata Singers, composer and singer songwriter Benton Roark, a visit to a home based pipe organ and tributes to Stuart McLean.

Download Sunday, February 19
[mp3 file: runs 02:35:12]

Saturday February 18

Here's the whole show with Anosh Irani, the father and daughter dance, a listener weighing in on one of the Canada Reads books, and all your tributes to Stuart McLean.

Download Saturday February 18
[mp3 file: runs 02:23:44]

Saturday February 11

Award winning film maker Frank Wolf on a canoe based music tour, poet Jeff Pew reads from his book One Foot In and we visit Lisa Lou's Chocolate Bar in Vancover.

Download Saturday February 11
[mp3 file: runs 00:33:44]

Sunday January 22, 2017

Daniel Martin talks about The City and The City at the Push Festival, June Goldsmith talks about Brahms, Melanie Murray on her new book about Robert Burns' wife Jean Armour, and Speaking in Cod Tongues with author Lenore Newman.

Download Sunday January 22, 2017
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:48]

Don Hutchinson: From Form to Fantasy

Don Hutchinson has been a potter for 50 years and a teacher at Langara for 30 years! His work is featured in a show on now at the Surrey Art Gallery. I went to see the show and talk to Don about his work.

Download Don Hutchinson: From Form to Fantasy
[mp3 file: runs 00:32:00]

Saturday January 21

Dr Ryan Rhodes researches how we can stick to exercising, a visit to a rehearsal of the Push show, Town Choir, Veronica Strong-Boagg on some history of women's marches in Canada and potter Don Hutchinson.

Download Saturday January 21
[mp3 file: runs 02:27:48]

Sunday January 15

Singer and songwriter Jenny Lester talks about her years as a camp cook in remote BC, author Anne Giardini talks on writing, and Uma Krishnaswami on her latest book for young readers.

Download Sunday January 15
[mp3 file: runs 01:38:09]

Saturday January 14

Matt Hill on winning a Governor General's Award for Meritorious Service, Isabelle Ranger and Namasthe Tea, artist Germaine Koh, food trends and help for some future Olympic athletes.

Download Saturday January 14
[mp3 file: runs 01:01:57]

Sunday January 8

A conversation with author Margriet Ruurs about her book Stepping Stones, China: The Cookbook in the Cooking Club and a visit from our Puzzling Professor talking about word origins.

Download Sunday January 8
[mp3 file: runs 00:41:25]

Saturday January 7

Award winning nature and wildlife photographers from BC, Linda Kearns from Canadares, poet Phinder Dulai and microbiologist Jason Tetro talks about why it's so hard to lose weight.

Download Saturday January 7
[mp3 file: runs 00:55:35]

Saturday December 31

Poet Jan Zwicky reads from her latest collection, a young birder in Tofino has a great Big Year, Rebecca Hass suggests way to prepare for change in the New Year and some bubbly suggestions from our wine writer.

Download Saturday December 31
[mp3 file: runs 00:41:12]

Saturday December 24

Here's the whole NXNW gathering with all the regular guests!

Download Saturday December 24
[mp3 file: runs 02:29:14]

Sunday December 18

The Helena Choir in Vancouver, the Grand Fir with David Tracey and a visit to the Reach Gallery in Abbotsford.

Download Sunday December 18
[mp3 file: runs 00:34:17]

Saturday December 17

A Christmas ornament mystery from Creston,a new story for the season from Bill Richardson, a new book about Aloha Wanderwell, and a visit to Glenburn Soda Fountain in Burnaby.

Download Saturday December 17
[mp3 file: runs 00:57:41]

June Goldsmith December

June Goldsmith talks about Bach's Magnificat.

Download June Goldsmith December
[mp3 file: runs 00:17:10]

Sunday December 11

Mary Sanseverino celebrates International Mountain Day, Ivana Smulikova creates art on traditional Slovakian cookies, Fraser Hall is one of the Top 40 Under 40 with Business in Vancouver.

Download Sunday December 11
[mp3 file: runs 00:38:53]

Saturday December 10

Chef Christophe Bonzon, artist Corey Hardeman, Lisa Niemetscheck of FWE, author and fisher Peter McMullen, a visit to the Sikh Heritage Museum, some of the hot toys for 2016 and suggestions for book gifts.

Download Saturday December 10
[mp3 file: runs 01:12:29]

Sunday December 4

Organist Michael Murray, Bobette and Belle cakes, Ben Elliot and the East Van Panto and Jonathan Berkowitz talks words.

Download Sunday December 4
[mp3 file: runs 00:54:29]

Saturday December 3

Steve Edge wins Unsung Hero Award from CFMA, Frank Ritcey with gift suggestions for naturalists, David Tracey and the persimmon, von Hardenberg Candles and poet Shirley Graham.

Download Saturday December 3
[mp3 file: runs 00:53:13]