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The Fridge Light


The Fridge Light

Join top food writer Chris Nuttall-Smith for an obsessive, fascinating journey through the hidden stories of the things we eat. Each episode chows down on one food phenomenon, revealing the unexpected cultural ingredients. Part science, part business, part psychology -- always fresh and delicious.

Updated: Weekly
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Featured Podcast

How Harvey Weinstein weaponized the media

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan says Harvey Weinstein used the media as "a bludgeon" to intimidate, humiliate and silence his accusers.

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Letting go of books

Broadcaster Candy Palmater speaks on the freedom that comes with letting go of books.

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Bill Murray

The actor and cellist Jan Vogler open up on the chance encounter that led to their new musical collaboration.

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Featured Podcast

'Concussions affect a life'

Former NHL goaltender Ken Dryden wants hockey rules changed to save players' lives.

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The Rest of the Pig

From bacon to guanciale, North Americans love their pork. But even with today’s nose-to-tail approach to eating, there is still plenty left over after the butcher is done. So what happens to the rest of the pig?

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One word: Yeasts

Yeast — yes, yeast — is revolutionizing the way we eat and drink, how we produce milk and meat, and even how we get high.

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Dark Meat/White Meat

One is moist and rich, the other drier and mild. But by the 1990s, boneless, skinless chicken breast was the preferred choice for North Americans. In its first episode, The Fridge Light looks into the popularity battle between dark meat and white meat.

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The Fridge Light trailer

Food journalist Chris Nuttall-Smith is on an obsessive, fascinating quest to uncover the hidden stories of what we eat and drink coming this September 27.

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