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Tapestry explores spirituality, religion and the search for meaning. Find space for your soul every week.

Updated: Fridays
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The truth about "post-truth"

We're now living in a "post-truth" era. But are we? And if we are, what are the origins of this idea that the truth no longer exists?

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When brands fail internationally

Why some big name brands fail when they attempt to expand internationally.

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Human-Animal Relations

6 podcasts about our complex relationships with animals.

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Nixon's lawyer 'having nightmares' over Trump presidency

John Dean, one of the key figures implicated in the Watergate scandal says he's so worried about Donald Trump's impending presidency that he's having nightmares.

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Prison Music

Every week, inmates at Kingston, Ontario penitentiary converted the prison chapel into a recording studio. Under the guidance of veteran musician Hugh Christopher Brown, they recorded an album, raised money for charity and redefined themselves.

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Wounded Healer

Stories of extraordinary people who, by embracing their own dark shadows, are better equipped to help others. Hear the stories of a prison guard and inmate who found new lives through Indigenous spirituality, and a priest who embraced his demons.

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Embracing the Questions

For some, their deepest belief is the right to question belief. On the show: Lesley Hazleton, author of Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto and Ali Rizvi, author of The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason.

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REPEAT: What does Buffy Sainte-Marie believe?

Buffy Sainte-Marie is usually asked about her music career, her Oscar and her activism. But what does she believe in? In this episode, Buffy Sainte-Marie opens up about her worldview, her spirituality and the life philosophy at the heart of her music.

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Voice from Assisi: The Humble Friar with a Record Deal

An hour of music and conversation - a little light in the bleak midwinter - as Tapestry host Mary Hynes meets the Voice from Assisi, Friar Alessandro Brustenghi.

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Holiday! Celebrate!

Happy non-denominational winter festive time! Tapestry takes a look our relationship with this tumultuous time of year. From the surprising history of Christmas, to one woman's efforts to make Kwanzaa her own. Plus, tips on how to catch your breath.

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Emotional Rescue

From the unpaid and gendered work of emotional labour to handy tips on how to get through tense conversations with your family this holiday season, Tapestry is coming to your emotional rescue.

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Yes, And...

Improv comedy has been called scarier than death... but for Yitzi Gal who suffers from crushing social anxiety, and Allyssa Harmon, a teen on the autism spectrum, it's been a lifeline.

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A New Cast of Heroines

From the forgotten women in the Buddha's inner circle, to the acid attack survivor who inspired a superhero comic book: women who've come out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

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Searching for the soundtrack of the Underground Railroad

Khari McClelland went on a journey to learn more about the music that guided slaves - and his great, great, great grandmother - northward to freedom.

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Thupten Jinpa: the Dalai Lama's translator for 30 years

Thupten Jinpa was all set. As a scholar and Tibetan Buddhist monk, he joined the Dalai Lama’s inner circle as principal English-language translator. But something was missing, something important.

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Journeys to a New Life

The life journey of Thupten Jinpa, translator to the Dalai Lama; and Khari McClelland's road trip to find the soundtrack of the Underground Railroad.

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Mystical Landscapes

How do you find a spark of light in the midst of darkness? We take an intimate look at the mystical impulse in great art created during turbulent times much like our own and reveal the spiritual side of great painters such as Monet, van Gogh, and Gauguin.

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The Market God

Harvey Cox argues that the Market is the new God. A documentary about the Southridge Jam Company, which provides meaningful work to homeless people. And what Amy Silverman learned about life when her second child was born with Down syndrome.

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Rob Brotherton reveals the psychology behind conspiracy thinking. Amir Hussain breaks down some common misconceptions about Muslim radicals. And Susannah Heschel explores the connections between religion and violence.

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Pride and Compassion

Psychology prof Jessica Tracy says we should celebrate pride because it's the most human emotion and the key to human success. And scholar Karen Armstrong says the solution to violence is laid out in every one of the world's major religions: compassion.

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Dr. Robert Waldinger reveals insights from the world's longest study on human happiness. Chade-Meng Tan gives practical advice on how you can experience joy in mere seconds. And Michael Dawson on his attempt to go 21-days straight without complaining.

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Educating Omar Khadr

When Omar Khadr was imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, he received a postcard from an English professor in Edmonton. Through letters and book reports, Arlette Zinck became Khadr's teacher and friend. It was a profound spiritual experience that changed her life

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Away from Home

Susan Matt presents the strange and surprising history of homesickness (it used to be taken *very* seriously). Kristiina Montero reveals what it's like to be a refugee child in a Canadian classroom. Plus a doc about sponsoring refugees over the long haul.

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Keeping Connected

Lisa Genova, author of the novel Still Alice, on how to have a meaningful emotional connection with somebody with Alzheimer's disease. Plus a documentary about a special pilgrimage two parents made to honour their daughter.

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Finding the Sacred in Unexpected Places

Canadians are turning away from organized religion in droves -- they just can’t connect. In the vacuum, people are turning to unexpected sources for spiritual exploration. In this episode: finding the holy in Harry Potter and HGTV.

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Living Outside the Box

The surprising stories of three people who resist classification: "Friends in Toronto" founder Antonius Clarke, photographer Angela Fama, and journalist Daliah Merzaban.

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