Friday May 26, 2017

The Outsiders

A member of the bike club Future Dead shows off his tattoo.

A member of the bike club Future Dead shows off his tattoo. (Tori Ferenc)

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Podcasts featured this week:

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1. StoryCorps

New York has not been the same since Jess Buzzutto died in 2012. With a five-foot frame and a preference for green, he was affectionately dubbed as 'The Leprechaun of Yonkers.' Full episode link here.

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2. The Leap

Stage dive into Iggy & The Stooges' classic album Raw Power. At first it was considered odd and off the radar, but eventually became a cult classic long after the band's mastermind, James Williamson, quit to become a computer engineer. Full episode link here.

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3. Heavyweight

In eighth grade, Julia was bullied so badly she changed schools. Soon after, the bullies showed up at her house and rang her doorbell. She never answered the door, but it did leave her curious for the next 20 years. Full episode link here.

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4. Everyone Else

Having set up a bike club with his friends before serving in the Falklands War together, a man talks about the sense of solace and brotherhood it has served him in good times and bad. Full episode link here.

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5. Only Human

When Robert Hoge was born in Brisbane, Australia, in 1973, he had a massive tumour in the middle of his face. Although the surgery was successful, it left him with severe deformities, forcing Robert into a life that is anything but normal. Full episode link here.

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6. Secrets of the Fifth Estate

Can you treat chronic alcoholics with alcohol, as in one drink an hour all day? Host Mark Kelley and producer Virginia Smart visit Ottawa's The Oaks Managed Alcohol Program to find out. Full episode link here.

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