Friday September 22, 2017

The future of work

(AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer)

(AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer)

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1. Planet Money

Ever wondered why UPS delivery trucks don't have doors? It's all about delivering more packages. This episode explains why the future of work looks like a UPS truck. Full episode link.

UPS truck

2. Raw Data

The online gig economy is altering lives around the world in fascinating ways. Full episode link.

Gig economy

3. Flash Forward

Jill Watson had a stint as a TA at Georgia Tech,  but none of her students seemed to notice that she wasn't human. Could artificial intelligence replace teachers in the classroom? Full episode link.

Artificial intelligence

4. Marketplace

There's no stopping the robots or AI. So if machines are replacing humans in the workplace, how are we supposed to make money? Some innovators are looking for solutions. Full episode link.


5. Containers

In this story, humans and robots are not rivals. They're colleagues. Full episode link.

Robots and humans

6. Cited

Would you fly in an airplane made by unmanned machines?  The robots at University of British Columbia's manufacturing automation lab are building aerospace parts all on their own. Full episode link. 


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