The best podcasts of 2017 so far

From one podcast lover to another. Must-listen podcasts from the first half of the year.
Our team recommends the best podcasts of this year so far. Pictured: Matt Galloway, Lindsay Michael, Alison Broverman, Ayesha Barmania, Arif Noorani, Phil Leung and Kate Evans.
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Podcasts featured this week:

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From one podcast lover to another. Must-listen podcasts from the first half of the year. StoryCorps​, The Daily, The Grift​, The Sporkful, Rabbits, My Dad Wrote A Porno, Making Gay History. 54:17

1. StoryCorps​
Nine-year-old Isaiah and his younger brother, Josiah put their dad Kevin in the hot seat during a fun and lighthearted interview. This podcast was recommended by our Senior Producer and Host Lindsay Michael.  Full episode link here.

2. New York Times The Daily
A lot goes into planning the perfect life. In John Shields case, however, he was planning the perfect death. He decided to throw a "living wake" so he could see those he loved one last time. This podcast was recommended by our Host Matt Galloway. Click here for the full episode.

3. The Grift​
Cassie Chadwick was a seductress and an impostor from the gilded age. Cassie would go as far as manipulating entire towns. This podcast was recommended by our Producer Kate Evans. Full episode link here.

4. The Sporkful
Dan Pashman talks with comedian Hasan Minhaj about issues with identity, comedy and one of the best things in life: food. This podcast was recommended by our Digital Producer Phil Leung. Full episode link here.

5. Rabbits
Carly Parker investigates a world filled with strange conspiracy theories while trying to find her friend Yumiko. Yumiko disappeared after playing a mysterious game called Rabbits. This podcast was recommended by Associate Producer Alison Broverman. Full episode link here.

6. My Dad Wrote A Porno
Host Jamie Morton and his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine can't help but read the DIY erotic novel Belinda Blinked. The best part? The novel is written by Jamie's dad. This podcast was recommended by our Executive Producer Arif Noorani. Full episode link here.

7. Making Gay History
Social rights activists Marsha P. Johnson and Randy Wicker became unlikely friends after the Stonewall uprising in 1969. Host Eric Marcus shares an incredible interview with Marsha and Randy from his personal archives. This podcast was recommended by our Editor Ayesha Barmania.  Full episode link here.

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