Friday August 11, 2017

Remembering Elvis Presley 40 years later, through podcasts

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Podcasts featured this week:

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Full Canadian Broadcast Version:

1. BackStory

Historians examine how Elvis' famous pompadour haircut became an expression of sexuality by fans across the world, and why Americans freaked out when he had to cut it. Full episode link. 

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2. The Rock and Roll Archaeology Project

Elvis Presley's career wasn't always the clear shot to stardom people remember. Here's a look at early impressions of the rock and roll legend. Full episode link.

Elvis Playlist

3. Rock and/or Roll

Elvis's manager was Colonel Tom Parker, who began his career in showbiz working in carnivals. Full episode link

Colonel podcast playlist

4. Muses and Stuff

From an unreleased episode of Muses and Stuff, hosts Chanty and Lynx look back at Elvis's challenging relationship with his wife, Priscilla Presley. Full episode link to come. 

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5. Stuff You Should Know

‚ÄčAt age 22 Elvis bought Graceland, his charming estate in Memphis, to fulfill a promise that he would buy the best house in the city. Full episode link

graceland podcast playlist

6. On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Welsh singer Tom Jones was a friend of Elvis Presley's. Jones talks about the time Elvis sang to him in the shower. Full episode link.

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