Friday June 16, 2017

Big city life, from Montreal to Baltimore

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(Creative Commons)

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Podcasts featured this week:

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1. 99% Invisible

Gentrification is something that the lower east side of Manhattan knows all too well. Listen to what happens when squatters face eviction from the place they've called home for decades. Full episode link here.

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2. The Kitchen Sisters

The story of Manor Garden Allotments, a 100-year-old community that found itself in the path of London's 2012 Olympics. Full episode link here.

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3. The Land of Desire

Host Diana Stegall takes us back to 1856, to the early days of honey bee keeping in Paris, France. Full episode link here.

Life of Desire Banner

4. Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City

Catch up with current and former employees of The Afro - the Baltimore-based newspaper that has reported on nearly 125 years of black history. Full episode link here.

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5. Montreapolis

Listen to award-winning novelist Kim Thúy talk about her incredible journey immigrating from Vietnam to Montreal in 1979. Full episode link here.

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6. Placemakers

How urban theorist Jane Jacobs changed the way everyone looks at how cities are built. Full episode link here.

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