Friday December 09, 2016

5 Proper podcasts on etiquette

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, an etiquette instructor examines the gestures of students during a class in the Civil Aviation University of China, in Tianjing Municipality, north China, Tuesday, March 18, 2008. The university signed agreements with some airline companies to train some 500 apprentice flight attendants in a three-year course, Xinhua said.  (AP Photo/Xinhua, Liu Haifeng)
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Five podcasts to help us mind our p's and q's.

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1. The Feast

"The dinner tonight is presented in the still popular French style. This traditional service... might seem to us almost like a buffet service." — Host Laura Carlson on New Orleans's finest supper in 1846

Travel back in time and take part in one of America's richest culinary traditions. From mock turtle soup to roasted bears, attendants at Louisiana's St. Charles Hotel only seek the best.

The Feast

2. Shmanners

"[Emily Post] was a war correspondent, she wrote romance novels, and she drove across the country. She had a lot more adventure in her life than expected." — Travis McElroy on the "Mistress of American Manners."

The history behind the woman who single-handedly changed the way we think about etiquette. Get excited because it's surprisingly scandalous.

emily post

3. The Civilist

"That's right: they. It's becoming the go-to pronoun amongst transgender and gender fluid people." — Steven Petrow on political correctness.

An award winning journalist explains the updated rules of gender pronouns. Evolving our language is not just about communication, it's also a means to show respect.

The Civilist

4. Surprisingly Awesome

"I've never really thought of insults as having any kind of substantive bottom to them or any kind of purpose. I'm definitely open to be proven wrong on that though." — Adam McKay on the importance of impoliteness. 

Learn why a well-placed insult can be just as culturally important as minding your manners.

surprisingly awesome

5. Studio 360

"The exchange of being seen with the right person will elevate you in society. There's always a tit for tat. And that is still very very true in New York society." — Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City.

105 years later, The House of Mirth still proves to be one of the most influential books on class, money and society. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw.

Aha Moments

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