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Origin stories: Podcasts about how it all began

Ever wonder how we got here? These podcasts uncover the past to understand the present.

What's in the box? Podcasts about containers big and small

Whether it's used to hold a gift, perform a magic trick or even escape slavery, some of the most interesting stories revolve around a simple box.

The generation gap

Is it all about the new-fangled versus the old-timey? Hear stories that will help us understand one another.

New and notable: Spring forward with this year's freshest podcasts

We’re only a few months in to 2018, but it’s already blossoming into one of the most exciting years for podcasting yet.

Celebrating music with the Arkells' Max Kerman

From rap battles on the internet, to a graphic novel created for an album — here are podcasts to prep you for the Juno Awards. Special guest Max Kerman from Arkells joins us to talk about his love for podcasts and Canadian music.

Exploring advertising in podcasts with Terry O'Reilly

Under The Influence's Terry O'Reilly joins us to discuss the evolution of podcasts and brands. Plus, we explore some of the best branded shows out there.

Skip ahead: How 'cutting-edge' advertising in podcasts is really just a repeat of old-timey radio

Under the Influence host Terry O'Reilly uses the past to predict the future of podcast listening.

Long, Short, Straight, Curly: Podcasts about every type of hair

Whether it's on Superman's head or Beyoncé's, it's impossible to ignore how iconic hair has shaped our culture.

9 Film podcasts to prep you for Oscar Night

From the first black woman to win an Oscar to the history behind the shiny golden idol, hear stories about the most prestigious film award.

The newest podcasts to get you through the winter

Comedy, history, fantasy...even a musical. Stay warm with these fabulous new podcasts.
Podcast Playlist

Canadian Podcast Database

Find a great Canadian podcast.

Mystery and crime

Addictive podcasts that explore the darker side of humanity

Love stories that will melt your heart

It’s the middle of February, which means love is in the air. We’re fast approaching that sometimes contrived holiday that celebrates cinnamon hearts, Cupid’s Arrow and secret admirers.

Podcasts that bring the written word to life

Is storytelling in our DNA? Can a poem change your mood?

Q&A: LeVar Burton on the why adults love being read to

Actor and host LeVar Burton told us about his new season of LeVar Burton Reads, and how he developed a lifelong love of storytelling.

Winter debuts worth sharing

From heartbreaking true stories to satirical comedies, here are some of the most innovative podcasts out today.

How to live your best life in 2018

Don't give up your New Year's resolutions just yet. Here are the best podcasts on creating a better life.

Crime & Podcasts

Trace the footsteps of a missing former beauty queen and learn the real origin behind 420. This episode is all about true crime.

To follow

Whether it's pursuing an ideology or evading the pursuit of a serial killer, this episode is all about the things we follow...and the things that follow us.
Podcast Playlist

25 Must hear podcasts from 2017

A selection of some of the best podcast episodes of 2017.

The best podcasts of 2017: our staff picks

Our staff selects their favourites this year, from listening in on a therapy session to embarking on an adventurous mission. This episode is all about the best of 2017.

The Greats - from Oprah to Shakespeare

From Oprah to Muhammad Ali, listen to the stories of people who will be remembered forever.

ICYMI: Behind the scenes of big news stories in 2017

What is it like to confront Harvey Weinstein or to be swept up by the 'antifa' movement? Listen to the most significant stories of this year.

Undeniable climate change podcasts

How can people still deny climate change, even while they stand in front of a melting glacier in Alaska? Here are the best podcasts on global warming.

These podcasts are straight from the top of the charts

Get inside the trenches of a Juggalo march or examine the power of jokes with W. Kamau Bell. Our favourite podcasts share their best stuff.