Friday October 21, 2016

What happens to an officer after they shoot someone?

(Michael Gil/Flickr/CC)

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This story originally aired on October 22, 2016

Police officers have the extraordinary power to use lethal force when they, or the people they are serving and protecting, are in danger.

This power can also be a huge burden on officers.

Some officers suppress their trauma after using lethal force, which can lead to further emotional scars. 

"Any scenario can seem just normal and fine on the outset and within seconds it can change to life and death." - Chad Stafford

The public perception of police shootings can be that those shot by officers are the victims. But victimhood in a lethal force scenario is not always so clear.

Chad Stafford, who was recently profiled in the documentary Officer Involved, and Nick Turkovich both have experience using lethal force. Piya talks to them about how that changed them — and how support for officers needs to change.