On the first Out in the Open podcast, we talk about that thin line between sharing and oversharing online. Do the details of our private lives that we share with total strangers build empathy, or do they just make us quicker to judge?

So what happens when you share a funny video of your kid after dental surgery and it ends up with millions and millions of views? What about comparing yourself to the mother of a notorious school shooter? Piya talks to parents who have been accused of oversharing and gets their side of the story.

Next, producer Daniel Guillemette tries to track down the origins of a first-date story that went viral on Twitter, and discovers a much more complex story than expected.

We want to hear your thoughts! Our question this week is, "What do you regret sharing online?" Let us know, or just tell us what's on your mind. There are three ways to do it: call our listener line at 1-866-9444-6669, send us an email to open@cbc.ca or message us on Facebook.  

OITO audience Q1

Look for the first Out in the Open podcast on the CBC Podcast page, iTunes or your favorite podcast app on May 18. The first show airs on May 28 at 3 p.m. (3:30 in Newfoundland) on CBC Radio One