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Sudbury mother asking person responsible to return son's cochlear implant battery

A Sudbury mother says she’s hoping whoever took her son’s battery for his hearing device returns it.

How a St. John's wildlife oasis prevents flooding in the city

It's easy to miss but Lundrigan's Marsh, a large wetland surrounded by industry in the east end of St. John's, is quietly helping a wide variety of wildlife and city residents.

Maxime Bernier is challenging orthodoxy. He deserves a civil reply: Neil Macdonald

Dismissing Bernier as a nativist, or white nationalist, or simply racist is just more of the reflexive, ad hominem groupthink that's currently so fashionable.

'My opinion has changed': Higgs addresses COR past in bid to win French support

Thirty years ago, Blaine Higgs probably never pictured himself doing what he was doing last Tuesday night: standing at attention among a crowd of Acadians as they sang their national hymn, Ave Maris Stella, in a village hall outside Caraquet, N.B.

Big banks set to reveal quarterly profits as NAFTA fears and rate hikes loom

The big Canadian banks are set to reveal their quarterly earnings over the next week, and investors will take a close look to see whether anxiety over higher interest rates and an uncertain trade environment are hurting the economy's prospects.

Lawyer accused of marrying 2 women suspended from practising in Ontario

James Morton, a prominent lawyer in Nunavut and Ontario, has been temporarily suspended from practising in the southern province.

What makes a priest: Windsor researchers want to find out

A project is studying the journey men take before they enter priesthood. It's a collaboration between the University of Windsor and Assumption University.

Scientists slowly cast light on celestial mystery known as Steve

A new study by University of Calgary scientists concludes glowing, purplish lights spotted in northern skies — and known as Steve — are definitely not aurora.

Londoners call for help for loved ones affected by India floods

London is home to hundreds of families and students who are from southern India's Kerala state, where flooding has killed more than 350 people and displaced 800,000 others.

Coroner points to delays in death of special unit's 1st patient

The first patient to take part in an innovative pilot project aimed at freeing up Ottawa hospital beds and getting ailing seniors back on their feet has died.

Struggling honeybees find refuge on Western campus

Students are working with campus to bring more bee-friendly habitats and education to the university.

Athletes speak their mind on the Player's Own Voice podcast

Like our Player’s Own Voice essay series, CBC Sports' new POV podcast gives athletes an unfiltered way to speak to Canadians on topics that run from the lighthearted to the profound.

Liberals faced closed-door criticism over now-cancelled Super Hornet fighter plan: documents

The Liberal government’s now-scuttled plan to buy Super Hornet jet fighters as a stop-gap measure for the air force faced an initial storm of back room criticism from one of Canada’s leading defence companies, internal documents reveal.

Toronto man 'terrified' after learning ex-employer never disclosed text where old boss threatened to kill him

A Toronto man is "terrified" after recently learning his former boss allegedly threatened to "put an axe so far into [his] head they would have to bury him with it." The threat was made in a text message two years ago, and the man's ex-employer knew about it but never told him.

Transport Canada to scale back government oversight of commercial pilot testing this fall

Starting this fall, people hired by the airlines to evaluate the competence of Canada's commercial pilots will be subject to less direct oversight from Transport Canada.

WestJet gives 10-year-old a plane tour to ease her anxiety and fear of flying

Melody Swartz gets uncomfortable with flying, on account of her anxiety and ADHD. However, when her mother called WestJet for help they

Old school paper maps safer than GPS for exploring Gatineau Park

Hikers are relying on their cellphones for directions when heading out to nature - and that can lead them into trouble according to wilderness experts.

Tuesday's weather comes with afternoon storms

Look for a high near 25 C. It will be breezy and cooler Wednesday.

Death toll in southern Italy gorge flood hits 10

Heavy rain flooded a gorge filled with hikers in the southern region of Calabria, killing at least eight people and injuring seven, Italy's civil protection agency said.

New Brunswick's provincial campaign to kick off as a toss-up

Polls suggest Brian Gallant's Liberals can't take re-election on Sept. 24 for granted.

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