Thursday June 09, 2016

At A Loss For Words

The complexity of love, in 13 untranslatable words 3:44

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The word 'love' doesn't always sum up how we feel about someone. Our very first episode explores how words inform our relationships.

Two strangers who don't speak the same language meet in Haiti and sparks fly ... through Google Translate. Plus, untranslatable words of love, and a pair of robots navigating a tumultuous affair.

Featuring Mac McClelland, author of Irritable Hearts: A PTSD Love Story.

The untranslatable words in this episode are adapted from Ella Frances Sanders' 2014 book Lost In Translation. Used by permission of the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc.

Click the video above to watch our animated version.

Spoiler alert! After you listen to the episode, hover your mouse over the question marks to reveal the hidden photos.

Thanks to Kelsey Walsh for her poem that inspired the fiction dialogue in this episode.

Original theme music by Tim Kingsbury. Scoring music by Murray Lightburn. Additional music by Jaspertine, and Chris Zabriskie.

Special thanks to everyone who listened to this episode back when it was just a little pilot.