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  • Sunday December 28, 2014

    Audio Moving on and letting go

    “My mother’s voice”; a dying woman reflects on life and the end of life. PLUS; an animal shelter helps women in an abusive relationship move out and move on.

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  • Wednesday December 24, 2014

    Audio Her Mother's Voice

    Last June Sophie Kohn took a microphone and a recorder to her mother's house in Toronto, with a single goal in mind: to preserve the sound of her mother's voice. Her mom Maureen, an internationally-renowned neuropsychologist, was diagnosed with cancer.

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  • Sunday December 21, 2014

    Audio The Christmas show

    A fresh cut tree, gifts from a rich uncle, a Christmas pudding recipe from Charles Dickens PLUS stories and music from the Exultate Chamber Singers.

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  • Sunday December 14, 2014

    Audio My body and me

    A grand tour of the body; hair, teeth, brain and breasts. PLUS "The pain of love"; why so many women experience painful sex and what can be done to help.

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  • Sunday December 07, 2014

    Audio Different trains, different tunnels

    Stories about trains and tunnels, real and remembered, dark and dangerous.

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  • Sunday November 30, 2014

    Audio The end of the line

    They call him “the wise man of the woods”. Jenni Schine calls him a friend. 80 year old Billy Proctor lives off the grid in Echo Bay, BC, the heart and soul of a community with just seven full time residents.

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  • Sunday November 23, 2014

    Audio The "five crazy guys"

    Each week Tom, Mike, David, Gary and Hamid get together to talk and tell jokes as they try to cope with the effects of a brain injury.

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  • Sunday November 16, 2014

    Audio Born to perform

    A one woman band. A burlesque “virgin”. A couple who “face the music and dance” and Connie Coe’s songs and poems; pictures from the past.

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  • Sunday November 09, 2014

    Audio Voices of war, dreams of peace

    With letters and documents, St. Andrew's church in downtown Toronto examines the impact of the First World War on its congregation then and now. ow the first world war affected this church community 100 years ago and how it still affects it today.

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  • Sunday November 02, 2014

    Audio Neighbours

    Noisy neighbours, nosy neighbours, neighbours from hell, neighbours from heaven; Living out Loud goes up close and personal with stories on the perils and pleasures of proximity.

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