Saturday May 27, 2017

Doctor The Guess Who Chapter 1: Meet the time-travelling Doctor and the woman who's going to save Canada

(Christinne Muschi/Reuters)

Listen 5:15

What began as an ordinary day for a Canadian named Victoria Regina turned into a quest to save the very soul of the country. Victoria was at a Maple Leafs game when she realized something odd was happening. The Leafs were winning, hockey players were debating instead of fighting, and no-one knew what poutine was.  All the Canadian things had changed. That's when a mysterious man appeared on a Zamboni and announced he'd traveled through time.

Are you Doctor Who?

- Victoria Regina

Doctor Who is the British fellow. I'm Canadian, so I'm Doctor the Guess Who.

- Dr. The Guess Who

For next week's chapter of Doctor the Guess Who, we're looking for suggestions: what's a subject Canadians would argue about? Go to next week to see Chapter 2 of Doctor the Guess Who – it'll be a comic strip, and it'll use one of your suggestions!

Chapter 3 will be on the radio show in two weeks.