Saturday May 20, 2017

Edmonton Oilers' turnaround attributed to hiring nap coach for young "sleepy bears"

(Bill Boyce/The Associated Press)

Listen 4:12

The Edmonton Oilers' return to the playoffs may be due to a bold move the team made last season: they hired a nap coach. Coach Carlson makes sure the team's young stars get restful naps between periods so they aren't too cranky to play well. In February 2016, CBC Edmonton's Mark Connolly presented this documentary about the recently-hired coach.

This team always had plenty of talent and a strong will to win. The problem was, they were just a bunch of sleepy bears!

- Coach Carlson, Edmonton Oilers' nap coach

The Oilers officially deny that Coach Carlson plays any official role with the team. That's what they say officially.