Saturday June 03, 2017

Doctor the Guess Who Chapter 2: Return to Donnybrook

This is Chapter 2 of our five-part serial, Doctor the Guess Who. In Chapter 1, Victoria Regina was at a Maple Leafs game, when she noticed all the Canadian things were changing – no one knew what poutine was and the players were debating instead of fighting. Doctor the Guess Who arrived in his Time Zamboni and invited her on a quest through time to save Canada.

You can hear Chapter 1 here.

We had lots of great suggestions, here and also by email.

Thanks to Kathy Clee for suggesting that our hockey players are arguing about butter tarts. Here's Chapter 2:

Zamboni 1
Zamboni 2
Zamboni 3
Zamboni 4
Zamboni 5
Zamboni 6
Zamboni 7
Zamboni 8
Zamboni 9